The Song Behind the Story

First I like to thank Mike Ladano for publishing my story for his series “The Adventures of Tee-Bone Man and Superdekes” on his blog. My addition to the series is titled, “Tee-Bone Man and Superdekes’ Time Travelling Adventure” and is available to read by clicking the link:

In the story, I mention a 1974 song by The Righteous Brothers called, “Rock and Roll Heaven” which I thought I would share here. Listen and enjoy.


11 Responses to “The Song Behind the Story”

  1. Great job man. Great to see people are having fun with this and as I said over at Mike’s page Tbone’s Mom is a Elvis fan lol. Good call there pally!

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  2. You did a great job on that story. And I’m probably digging this song a bit more than I should.

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  3. Cool tie in sir! I really loved the story. It inspired me to start brainstorming my next one.

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  4. Your story was awesome, Mike! I thought the time travel storyline to save heavy metal was really good.

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