Rest in Peace Christine McVie

Christine McVie

It is my sad duty to announce the passing of Fleetwood Mac keyboardist and singer, Christine McVie who has died today following a short illness. She was married to bassist John McVie and played on the classic albums “Rumours” and “Tusk” as well as other Fleetwood Mac albums. Her contributions to those albums were phenomenal and I am sure she will be sorely missed.

Fleetwood Mac

Rest in peace Christine

20 Responses to “Rest in Peace Christine McVie”

  1. NOT a good day 😦

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  2. She and Buckingham both were a little overshadowed by Nicks, but all three were extremely talented.

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  3. She was a wonderful talent. 😦

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  4. Very sad. I didn’t realize she was 79. All our favorites are getting old and expiring. Sucks a lot!

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  5. Really sad news, she was a part of some immortal music.

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  6. She was the backbone of Fleetwood Mac

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  7. So talented, and a mainstay of a great band. Reading some recent quotes from her, she seemed a genuinely nice person too.

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  8. She actually had a better voice than Nicks

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  9. Sad loss. It is really irritating that virtually all posts ignore the fact that she was a noted artist before Fleetwood Mac. Her part in Chicken Shacks sound seems to have bypassed the press.

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