Great Metal Albums of 1988: AC/DC- Blow Up Your Video

My mind is in a bit of a quandary here in regards to AC/DC’s “Blow Up Your Video” album. I’ve read accounts from people who have rubbished this album on line. One or two have said it’s their worst album. However, my research suggests otherwise. It had amazing chart success and for the most part, good critical reception at the time. So, who am I to believe? The obvious answer is to listen to the album and make my own decision. Okay, it’s a bit rudimentary but I thought I had to bring a little suspense in.

If I could find any fault with the album, I would say that AC/DC were simply painting by numbers when they made it. Then again, they had a great formula which worked for them over several albums so why change it? That brings me to the good point, sure, they might have been painting by numbers but in no way does the album sound tired or done before. The album hosts ten fresh sounding songs. This even includes the penultimate track, “Two’s Up.” If I was to rank all the penultimate tracks from all AC/DC’s albums, then this one would be up in the top five, possibly even number one. Angus’s guitar solo is the best on the album. Another plus for the album is that it’s definitely not the dirge that was “Fly on the Wall.”

Listening to the album opened locks in my mind and let out things that were stored inside for over thirty years. My Swiss cheese mind forgot that there was a good single released from the album in the form of “Heatseeker.” I forgot how good of a track it was and the fact that it did so well in the UK charts. Then again, the purpose of this blog is to get you and me to go back and listen to long forgotten albums and bring back great memories. It worked for me in this case.

Since it appears third on the album, I will go directly to the hidden gem, “Meanstreak.” If any track on this album reninded me what I loved about AC/DC over the many years, it’s this one. Traditional AC/DC at its best is all I can say. “Go Zone” is a second but slightly less shiny hidden gem. Not quite as great as “Meanstreak” it too reminds me of what I like about this iconic band. It has a great opening riff and by the way, so does “That’s the Way I Wanna Rock and Roll.”

On the subject of sounding fresh, “Kissin’ Dynamite” is the track. They don’t do anything experimental or go way out there and the AC/DC stamp is all over it but somehow, maybe it’s just my weird mind, it sounds different and fantastic as well. You get some great rhythm guitar riffs on “Nick of Time” and Malcolm and Angus prove why they are such a good lead/rhythm guitar combination.

If I had to pick a least strongest track, and I would only do it under protest, it would “Some Sin for Nuthin.'” It’s not a bad track at all but it just kind of comes and goes. But no worries, “Ruff Stuff” comes and wipes out any doubts as it blows you away. Another hidden gem. After the already mentioned penultimate track, the album goes out on a total high with “This Means War.” It brings back memories of the classic, “Beat Around the Bush” from “Highway to Hell.” All in all, I think “Blow Up Your Video” is a very good album. I won’t rate it as high as “Back in Black” or “Highway to Hell” but it’s a good album in its own right. Definitely needed after some AC’/DC fans began to lost faith in the band. Faith was restored!

Track Listing:

  1. Heastseeker
  2. That’s the Way I Wanna Rock and Roll
  3. Meanstreak
  4. Go Zone
  5. Kissin’ Dynamite
  6. Nick of Time
  7. Some Sin for Nuthn’
  8. Ruff Stuff
  9. Two’s Up
  10. This Means War


Brian Johnson- lead vocals

Angus Young- lead guitar

Malcolm Young- rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Cliff Williams- bass, backing vocals

Simon Wright- drums, percussion

It was great to see that an old dog could come up with new tricks. I don’t care what naysayers might say about “Blow Up Your Video,” for me, it’s a great album.

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20 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1988: AC/DC- Blow Up Your Video”

  1. Ruff Stuff was my tune. But I didn’t think much of the LP.

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  2. I am a massive fan of AC/DC, but I just can’t get into ‘Blow Up Your Video.’ The song titles are terrible. I do like “Go Zone” and “Some Sin for Nuthin,'” though.

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  3. Two’s Up is a wicked track…. some good stuff on here..screw the haters lol

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  4. Definitely an album that’s better than what’s been written for it.

    I agree on Twos Up. It’s definitely up there as one of my favorites. It’s melodic rock in the Chorus and that solo section is very different, with Angus shredding and tapping away.

    Five songs on this album still do the rounds on my AC playlists. The others being, Nick Of Time, That’s The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll, Meanstreak and Heatseeker.

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  5. Now I see where the band Kissin’ Dynamite must have taken their name.

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  6. It isn’t my favorite AC/DC by any means. I don’t mind hearing it but I never got really attached to it.

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  7. Awful LP, apart from Heatseeker. It was the first new one of theirs out since I’d got into them, I was so disappointed – saw them at Wembley that year though and they were just immense.

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