Rest in Peace Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck

It looks like 2023 is going to suck for sure. Last night, guitarist extraordinaire, Jeff Beck, passed away in hospital in Southern England from Meningitis. He was 78. Beck’s music spanned many decades and you can click the link below to read about his amazing life in music. While I have always known him to be a fantastic guitarist, his appearances on 80smetalman featured his 1985 album, “Flash” and his appearance on Rod Stewart’s 1984 album where in the video for the song, “Infatuation,” he pops up in a hotel room to play his guitar solo. Of course, according to the most famous roadie, Del Preston, in “Wayne’s World 2,” Jeff found a sweet shop so Ozzy could fill a brandy glass with brown M&Ms.

To read about Jeff Beck’s amazing career:

Rest in peace Jeff Beck.


16 Responses to “Rest in Peace Jeff Beck”

  1. My favorite was his work with Jon Bon Jovi. Just finished playing that album.

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  2. Yes, it sucked to wake up to this sad news this morning.

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  3. Really sad news, he was an absolute legend. It’s staggering how much work he was involved with when looking at it in whole.

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  4. He was an awesome picker! It’s heartbreaking that another one of the greatest rockers of our lifetime has passed! Thank you for posting, Michael!

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  5. A very underrated musician

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  6. Her we go again 😦

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