Thank You All!

Today, Mrs 80smetalman along with her eldest son, youngest daughter and granddaughter and I made the 350 round trip to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to visit baby Paisley. I am happy to say that things are looking good. She’s on the mend and hopefully will be out of the hospital next week. From the bottom of our hearts, my wife and I would like to thank all of you for sending your prayers, thoughts and vibes.

Paisley today

Paisley with her step-grandfather

16 Responses to “Thank You All!”

  1. So glad to hear.
    Wishing her all the best from Canada.

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  2. Awesome! Fabulous indeed

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  3. Fantastic news Sir….

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  4. All the best from Canada! You got this, Paisley!

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  5. Beautiful! Congratulations to ALL!

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  6. Oh my gosh, I hope Paisley is doing better now! She looks so precious!

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