Original vs. Cover vs. Cover: The Boys Are Back in Town

Unfortunately, I am not ready to post the intended next post which was Paul Di’Anno’s Battlezone “Best of” album. Owing to a busy week and the fact that the album is seventeen songs long, I wasn’t able to give the number of listens I give an album before I go to post. Instead, I thought I would treat you to an Original vs. Cover post but I am adding an extra cover. The song in question is the Thin Lizzy classic, “The Boys are Back in Town.” Will either cover be better than the original? And which of the two covers is the better one? Have a listen and judge for yourself.

Thin Lizzy

I can still remember back in 1977 this song blasting through my AM radio. I rocked to it then and more than 45 years later, it still rocks. There’s not much more about this classic which hasn’t already been said.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi’s cover of the song was known to me via the “Make A Difference” compilation album. For those not in the know, the album featured artists covering songs from ones who left the mortal plain. I did find Ozzy’s rendition of “Purple Haze” quite interesting. Anyway, Bon Jovi covered the Thin Lizzy classic.


While they never became a household name like Thin Lizzy or Bon Jovi, English metal band, Briar, covered the song on their 1988 “Crown of Thorns” album.

My Verdict:

The original wins this one hands down. For a song to be so well known after so many years says a lot about the band which recorded it. This song was a crowning achievement for Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. As for the covers, my opinion on that score hasn’t changed. Briar wins out easily. Their hunger to make it big is reflecting in the way they record the song and I do like the echoing guitars as the song makes its exit. It was also good to give Phil a shout out at the beginning.

Have a listen to all three and let me know your thoughts. Remember dissent is always welcome on 80smetalman.

Next post: Paul DiAnno’s Battlezone- Warchild, The Best of

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17 Responses to “Original vs. Cover vs. Cover: The Boys Are Back in Town”

  1. Great post. I prefer the original, and it’s still a fun song to play live. Iconic.

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  2. Babit …. always reminds me I’ve grimsby town as that was their entrance song

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  3. Yeah the original easily wins, I doubt anyone else could cover it and outshine Thin Lizzy. I haven’t heard of Briar, their cover was pretty good. I feel that the Bon Jovi one is a bit odd, the song sound weird with the Bon Jovi sound on it. It’s not horrible but it just feels off.

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  4. I prefer John Stamos’ version from ‘Full House’!

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  5. Never heard of Briar. I tired of the Bon Jovi version and will stick with Lizzy

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  6. Never knew Bon Jovi covered this, but I just listened. Briar cover was pretty good! I say, Thin Lizzy had so few hits, give them this and leave it alone. Haha! Did you see Alison Krauss did it too?

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