Great Metal Albums of 1988: Dokken- Beast From the East

After four successful studio albums, three of which went platinum, Dokken thought it was a good idea to put out a live album. “Beast From the East” was recorded during the band’s tour of Japan in 1988 before they went on the Monsters of Rock tour with the likes of Judas Priest and Van Halen.

What I like about the album is that although, the tour was in support of their previous studio album, “Back for the Attack,” there is a good, healthy mixture from all four albums. Only three songs from that album are on the live album but there is a good selection from the “Tooth ‘N’ Nail” and “Under Lock and Key” albums. There is even one from the first album, the title cut from “Breaking the Chains.” I love the mixture.

First, I’ll start with a nit pick. Having seen Dokken twice, both times during the “Under Lock and Key” tour, they opened with “Unchain the Night,” which they do here. When I saw them, I thought it was a good song to open with. However, it seems less balls grabbing on this album while the second track, “Tooth ‘N’ Nail,” does. Just a small point but I think these songs should have been switched around on the band’s play list.

While I won’t dissect each track, I will point out that at least according to the fan noise, two of the tracks from “Back For the Attack” get the most applause from the Japanese fans. I do think that “Dream Warriors” and “Kiss of Death” are played very well. In fact, I’ll put my head in the lion’s mouth and say that “Kiss of Death” sounds a lot better on this live album than the studio version. Speaking of that album, when I reviewed it not long ago, I declared the instrumental, “Mr. Scary,” to the the best song on that album. They play it live here and totally nail it! George is a beast on the guitar.

While you get some great live songs through the album, I really dig the live version of “Into the Fire,” the best is saved for last as all the songs are from Dokken’s first three albums. You get, “It’s Not Love,” Breaking the Chains,” my all time favourite Dokken song, “You Just Got Lucky,” and the great power ballad, “Alone Again,” which I love the alternative intro on and end with “In My Dreams.” If I had been at the show, I would have left the arena on a total high after that. The album ends with a studio cut, “Walk Away,” the video of which was performed on the Santa Monica Mountains in California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Man, the music along with the views must have been breath taking.

Track Listing:

  1. Unchain the Night
  2. Tooth ‘N’ Nail
  3. Dream Warriors
  4. Kiss of Death
  5. When Heaven Comes Down
  6. Into the Fire
  7. Mr. Scary
  8. Heaven Sent
  9. It’s Not Love
  10. Alone Again
  11. You Just Got Lucky
  12. Breaking the Chains
  13. It’s Not Love
  14. Walk Away

Don Dokken- lead vocals

George Lynch- guitar

Jeff Pilson- bass, backing vocals

Mick Brown- drums, backing vocals

Maybe Dokken knew what we all knew about the “Back For the Attack” album, that it wasn’t as good as the first three albums, which was why only three songs from that album appear on “Beast From the East.” It was a good move on their part because the tracks from those albums, plus the fact that the three from the mentioned album are played very well, is why this is such a good live album.

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12 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1988: Dokken- Beast From the East”

  1. Personally I think BFTA has no weak songs!

    This is a truly AWESOME double live that must be experienced on vinyl.

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  2. Awesome, Michael! I had this album via cassette and wore it out when I was 17! In July of 1988, I also went with friends, to the Monsters of Rock concert in Memphis when Dokken was on the Monsters of Rock Tour with Van Halen, Kingdom Come, Scorpions, and Metallica! They all rocked and we had a blast that evening! 🎸🎸🎸

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  3. Great album and I have always loved that cover. I think I have this one on vinyl. Too lazy to go look.

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  4. Oh yeah, this is a beast of an album. That’s all I got.

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  5. Rockin’ with Dokken was the saying back when they were popular

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  6. May have to dust off me vinyl and revist the 80s vibe as Dare, FM and Cherie Currie are heading this way.

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