Great Metal Albums of 1988: Bitch- Betsy

One dilemma many rock and metal bands had back in the 1980s was the question of risking losing their hardcore following in order to gain mass appeal. That’s why many bands, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest included, did things like add synths to their mid 80s records. While the band Bitch didn’t add synths to their album, “Betsy,” they did drop the “Bitch” and went for a less harder sound in order to gain mass appeal and like so many bands who tried this formula, it didn’t give them the commercial success they were hoping to achieve.

While the Duranies of the world paid no attention to the album, I can testify to the fact that “Betsy” is a cool melodic metal album. Betsy, (real name Betsy Weiss), has a great voice and she should be included whenever you talk about such great female metal vocalists from the 1980s like Lee Aaron, Doro and Lita Ford. I think her voice is that good. Furthermore, she has a great band behind her. Guitarist David Garruth cranks out some really amazing guitar solos on this album and David and Betsy are supported by a very competent rhythm section in Ron Gordy and Robby Settles.

Now onto the songs. The best ones on this album are “Devil Made You Do It” which takes the mick out of the anti-metal Christian brigade but it’s done with a cool guitar solo from David while singing about Satan and pentagrams. “Rock ‘N’ Musician” has a Led Zeppelin vibe to it with lots of swagger and some great opening riffs and shall I sing the praises of David’s guitar playing again? Why the hell not! Speaking of opening riffs, those which open “Cold Shot From the Heart” are probably the best on the album. The rhythm on this song is pure metal.

Whether or not it was the case, I speculate that “You’ll Never Get Out” was the intended single. It is more commercial sounding that the rest of the album, although it’s still a decent song. The rest of the album is basically how I described it before, a very good melodic metal album with some great riffs, vocals, rhythm section and cool guitar solos. Ron Gordy does lay down a groovy bass line on “What Am I Gonna Do With You” and “Sunset Strut.” In short, it’s everything one would expect from a heavy metal album. So my question is: Why isn’t this album spoken about more in the heavy metal world?

Track Listing:

  1. You Want It You Got It
  2. You’ll Never Get Out (Of Here Alive)
  3. Devil Made You Do It
  4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Musician
  5. Cold Shot to the Heart
  6. Flesh and Blood
  7. Turn You Inside Out
  8. What Am I Gonna Do With You
  9. Stand Up For Rock
  10. Sunset Strut
  11. Get Out


Betsy Bitch- lead vocals

David Garruth- guitars, backing vocals

Ron Gordy- bass, backing vocals

Bobby Settles- drums, backing vocals

“Betsy” could be one of the best forgotten albums of 1988. This is a great metal album that somehow got lost along the way. I think it’s time to rescue it from the forgotten realms and have a good headbang to it.

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2 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1988: Bitch- Betsy”

  1. I never really checked Bitch out beyond the Metal Massacre comp and I didn’t even know this one existed. It sounds pretty good.

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