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Great Rock Albums of 1978: Wings- London Town

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Once again, I am forced to include another album I left out in the last chapter of great rock albums of the 1970s. This time it’s the “Band on the Run” album from Wings. This is particularly surprising for me because the title track to this album was my favourite song throughout most of 1974. Furthermore, I like the song “Jet” almost as much. So I can’t explain why such a classic album was missed, so here it is now. “Band on the Run” is a classic rock album in the true sense of the word.

First, let me clarify something I mentioned in a previous post, “1978: The Year the Rivers of Rock Began to Overflow.” I said that Paul McCartney and Wings were going disco that year. Not quite, the 1978 Wings album “London Town” is not a disco album, that applies to the next album they put out, which I won’t be visiting when I cover 1979. Saying that, “London Town” is not quite as good as “Band on the Run” although some may disagree with me.

In spite of that, there are some good moments on “London Town.” Many will remember the pop single “With a Little Luck,” an average song that is somehow improved on by the talents of McCartney. However, it is the track, “I’ve Had Enough” that makes the album for me. I remember watching a clip of this song on the old “Midnight Special” show in the 70s and found myself moving my head the way they were. You could say it was the first song I head banged to.

Track Listing:

1. London Town

2. Cafe on the Left Bank

3. I’m Carrying

4. Backwards Traveller

5. Cuff Link

6. Children Children

7. Girlfriend

8. I’ve Had Enough

9. With A Little Luck

10. Famous Groupies

11. Deliver Your Children

12. Name and Address

13. Don’t Let It Bring You Down

14. Morse Moose and the Grey Goose


Paul McCartney- bass, vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, flageolet, keyboards, violim

Linda McCartney- keyboards, vocals

Denny Laine- guitar, bass, vocals, flageolet

Jimmy McCulloch- guitar

Joe English- drums

Comapred to “Band on the Run,” it’s not the greatest Wings album, but “London Town” is still a good listen.

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