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Great Metal Albums of 1984: Daniel Band- Run From the Darkness

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Satan had come upon me during the summer of 1984 because the Daniel Band had lots of airplay on the Sunday morning radio show, TCN Hot Rock. I remember liking what they played but for some reason, I never explored them further. That’s why I say Satan had corrupted me because if I had explored the Daniel Band more, I would have discovered a long time ago what a great album “Run From the Darkness” is.

A little background on them, they were formed in 1979 in Toronto Canada. Their first album, “On Rock,” offered a more progressive sound. However, with this, their second album, they went full blown heavy metal. They even wore dog collars and spandex when they went on tour for this album. Plain and simple, upon listening to “Run From the Darkness,” I will second the motion that this was a heavy metal album. The first three tracks are definitely metal in your face, although I think the title track was the intended single. The third track, “Walk on the Water” is my favourite track on the album. The power chords are like Judas Priest and the harmonies in the chorus remind me of KISS in their heyday. Not a bad combination me thinks. They have also been compared to AC/DC, Boston and their fellow countrymen, April Wine. What’s not to like?

The metal doesn’t end with the first three tracks. Tracks four and five keep things ticking over very nicely. The latter is given the fan treatment at the beginning giving it that recorded live feel but “Sixteen” cooks regardless. In fact, the album doesn’t slow down to the latter end of the album. “Live Connection” is almost thrash. Even the keyboard on “Wall” just complements the hard rocking sound of the song. After “Wall” is the ballad, “It’s Over” and that’s a very tidy power ballad. As is the track after, “My Children.” This starts like a piano ballad and then the guitars come in and could flatten the walls of Jericho. The closing track, “In the Sky” takes things out in a typical metal way.

Let me once and for all dispel the myth about Christian Rock. I have listened to “Run From the Darkness” five times in the last week and not once did I find myself wanting to put my beer down and start reading my bible. Anyone who does that is just as liable to sacrifice a chicken to Satan after listening to Deicide. There are no in your face Jesus lyrics on here and even if there were, this album is good enough to where they could be singing about doing terrible things to dogs with a fork and I’d still enjoy the music from it. Added bonus is that lead guitarist Tony Rossi can hold his own with many of his non- Christian counterparts. Hey, the main can wail!

Track Listing:

  1. Don’t Give Up
  2. Run From the Darkness
  3. Walk on the Water
  4. Never Gonna Die
  5. Sixteen
  6. Live Connection
  7. Let’s Get Ready
  8. Wall
  9. It’s Over
  10. My Children
  11. In the Sky

Tony Rossi- lead guitar, vocals

Don McCabe- bass, lead vocals

Bill Findlay- guitar, keyboards, vocals

Matt Del Duca- drums

Have I converted? In regards to the Daniel Band, the answer is yes. If anyone out there still thinks that Christian Rock musicians are second rate, then have a listen to “Run From the Darkness.” This album, Christian or not, simply kicks ass.

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Great Rock Albums of 1983: Billy Idol

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I didn’t think I was ever going to post about this album. Twice it was up for next post but other things beyond my control meant that I needed to post about other albums. At least because of the delay, no one either picked up on my mistake or was too diplomatic to bust my chops over it. When I first announced that the 1983 album from “Billy Idol” was going to be visited, I put the album down as “White Wedding.” Ah, duh, I should have known better. The album is actually self titled with “White Wedding” being the song Billy is best known for. My mistake now takes away any right of mine to bust those who call Boston’s classic self titled album, “More Than a Feeling.” Okay, I now will stop feeling dumb.

“White Wedding” was the song that got my attention. When I first heard the song in May of 1983, I thought this song was really cool. There was that catchy riff with the guitar that made the song for me. Unfortunately, I can’t recreate it in print but those who’ve heard the song will know what I am talking about. I also liked this punk image, which was something the Marine Corps really hated and with less than two months to go in my enlistment, it was one way I could stick the finger up at them.

The already mentioned song turned my head to Idol but I have to say that I was and still am rather impressed with the debut album. “Hot in the City” is the other single and its not bad but I much prefer “White Wedding,” although both songs show that he does have a rather unique voice. Oh yes and I apologise for going off track for a moment but the version of this album I am speaking about is the 1983 re-issue and not the 1982 version. The reason why is so I can include the additional track on the album, which was released as a single later that year, “Dancing With Myself.” I do like that song too.

“Billy Idol” is a good hard rock album and it’s no surprise that, with his image, so many people branded it punk. I don’t give a flying fart (I’m going to use that expression a lot now because it impressed mikeledano) if it is punk, it’s a good album. Other tracks that definitely impressed me are “Dead on Arrival” and “Hole in the Wall” and “Nobody’s Business” is pretty good too.

Track Listing

  1. Come On, Come On
  2. White Wedding
  3. Hot in the City
  4. Dead on Arrival
  5. Nobody’s Business
  6. Love Calling
  7. Hole in the Wall
  8. Shooting Stars
  9. It’s So Cruel
  10. Congo Man
  11. Dancing With Myself
Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Billy Idol- vocals, guitar

Steve Stevens- guitar

Phil Feit- bass

Steve Missal- drums

In 1983, Billy Idol gave me the different thing I was looking for because with only a few weeks left in the service, I was looking forward to becoming an individual again. This album helped provide that for me.

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Great Rock Albums of 1979: The Cars- Candy O

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Here it is, the long awaited visit to the second album by The Cars, “Candy O.” One term I will be batting about quite a bit here is “Sophmore Jinx.” I used it once before when I visited the “Don’t Look Back” album by Boston and I will use it a lot more when I visit the second album from any rock or metal act. Like the Boston album, this second album from The Cars definitely escapes the sophmore jinx. To me, “Candy O” is every bit as good as the first album.

When compared to the first album, there are lots of similarities between the two, however, “Candy O” still sounds fresh. The singles from the album “Let’s Go” and “It’s All I Can Do” sound unique in their own right and the entire album gives that familiar Cars sound while at the same time doesn’t get old. I don’t know any other band who can create a sound where the guitars and keyboards completely compliment each other better than The Cars. This shines through with every song on the album.

Track Listing:

1. Let’s Go

2. Since I Held You

3. It’s All I Can Do

4. Double Life

5. Shoo Be Doo

6. Candy O

7. Nightspots

8. You Can’t Hold On Too Long

9. Lust for Kicks

10. Got A Lot On My Head

11. Dangerous Type

The Cars

Ric Ocasek- vocals, rhythm guitar

Elliot Easton- lead guitar, backing vocals

Greg Hawkes- keyboards, tenor sax, backing vocals

Ben Orr- bass, vocals

David Robinson- drums, percussion

One thing that can never be omitted when talking about The Cars is the unique vocals of Ric Ocasek. As soon as I hear him, I know it’s definitely The Cars I’m listening to. This is another thing that makes this album so good and I now include Elliot Easton in my ever growing list of underrated guitarist. Okay, he doesn’t go into long cranking solos, but when you hear him play, it is done very well. “Candy O” is one of the more memorable albums from 1979.

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Great Rock Albums of 1978: Boston- Don’t Look Back

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In America, there is a phrase called the “Sophmore Jinx.” It usually applies to sports where a player has a great rookie season, but doesn’t do as well in his second season. In music, it applies to a band who puts out a fantastic debut album, but the second album isn’t as good. There are many unfortunate examples of this. However, there is no way that the Sophmore Jinx applies to the second album from Boston, “Don’t Look Back.”

When I posted about the great debut album from Boston, I couldn’t sing its praises enough. It has gone down as one of the greatest rock albums in history and there’s no way in hell that I am going to debate that fact. Now, their second album is every bit as good as the first, in fact, if anything, “Don’t Look Back” is just a continuation from the first. If anyone knows if these two album are available together on one CD, let me know.

The album begins with one of the most mind blowing rhythm guitar riffs which then leads to a mind blowing lead guitar and that’s just the start. The brilliant musicianship and the amazing vocals by the late Brad Delp make this album great and proved to many back then that Boston were for real. From the opening title track to such great songs like “It’s Easy” and “Party,” all the tracks make it a great rock album, one of the best in 1978.

Track Listing:

1. Don’t Look Back

2. The Journey

3. It’s Easy

4. A Man I’ll Never Be

5. Feelin’ Satisfied

6. Party

7. Used to Bad News

8. Don’t Be Afraid


Brad Delp- vocals

Tom Shotz- lead guitar, rhythm guitar, piano, organ

Barry Goudreau- lead, slide and rhythm guitars

Fran Sheehan- bass

Boston definitely beat the Sophmore Jinx with “Don’t Look Back.” This, along with their first album ranks along the all time great rock albums. Not many bands go two for two, so this one is definitely worth a trip down memory lane.

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A Different Compilation Album

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Whenever a rock compilation is unleashed onto the public, you can bet that there will be a repetition of the same songs. When you buy it, you are really only buying it for a few songs you don’t have, because the other songs on it will definitely be on all the other rock compilations you own. These include:

Boston- More Than a Feeling

Blue Oyster Cult- Don’t Fear the Reaper

Black Sabbath- Paranoid

Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water

Rainbow- Fool For Your Loving

Whitesnake- Here I Go Again

Heart- Alone

Marillion- Kayleigh

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

There’s nothing wrong with any of these songs, I like all of them. But I don’t want them on every compilation I buy. Besides, there are songs from many of these artists which I like more than the ones listed here. Taking all of this into consideration, I have decided to put together my own compilation album, (not for sale) with the following songs.

1. Michael Stanley Band- My Town

2. Heart- If Looks Could Kill

3. Black Sabbath- War Pigs

4. Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla

5. Whitesnake-  Slide it In

6. Jay Ferguson- Thunder Island

7. OPM- Heaven is a Half pipe

8. Anthrax- Make Me Laugh

9. Ted Nugent- High Heels in Motion

10. Saxon- Wheels of Steel

11. Marillion- Sugar Mice

12. Motorhead- Killed By Death

13. Night Ranger- Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

14. Boston- Piece of Mind

15. Rainbow- Death Alley Driver

16. Deep Purple- Woman From Tokyo

You might like some of these or most likely you have your own suggestions for a rock compilation. If so, feel free to post your suggestions here.

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Great Rock Albums of the 70s: Boston

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If I could point to any one album back in my naive teenage days which opened my eyes to the world of heavy rock, it would have to be the first album by Boston. When I first heard the song “More Than a Feeling,” I was completely blown away and made sure whenever that song played on the radio in late 1976 and early 1977, the volume would get turned up to full. Boston was the major turning point leading me out of relying on the top 40 played on AM radio to more harder rock persuits.

Track Listing:

1. More Than a Feeling

2. Peace Of Mind

3. Foreplay/Long Time

4. Rock and Roll Band

5. Smokin

6. Hitch A Ride

7. Something About You

8. Let Me Take You Home Tonight

While “More Than a Feeling” is the most popular Boston song of all time, (it appears on many compilation albums including three of mine) many of the other tracks can stand alone in their own right. “Peace of Mind” and “Foreplay/Long Time” also both made the top 40 charts and I know that “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” also received play on the radio. Furthermore, all of the other tracks also feature on classic rock stations and back in the late 70s, many thought that “Rock And Roll Band” should have also been released as a single, I was one of them.

Boston is:

Tom Sholtz- guitar, organ, electric piano, accoustic guitars, clavinet

Brad Delp- vocals

Sib Hashian- drums

Barry Goudreau- lead guitar

Fran Sheehan- bass

Boston’s first album is the second largest selling rock album of all time, only “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns and Roses has more sales. This album while a good rocking album is quite melodic as well, which is why it works on so many levels. After 35 years, this album continues to set a standard for great rock.

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