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Great Rock Albums of 1979: Bad Company- Desolation Angels

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I earnestly believe that back in 1979, the dam couldn’t have begun to burst without this offering from the unsung founding fathers of metal. As I have previously stated in the archives, probably to the point you’re bored of hearing it, throughout t he 70s, Bad Company quietly enthralled many with a steady string of great albums and songs and it seems only fitting that they closed out their dominance of the decade with this fantastic album, “Desolation Angels.”

Usually, I’m quite skeptical when the first track of an album is the big hit single on the album and I was the same way when I first saw that “Rock And Roll Fantasy” was the opening track on the album. Because I first bought that single on 45 and it is a great single, my skepticism grew when the second track was the B-side of the 45, “Crazy Circles.” This always leads me to believe that the rest of the album is going to be all filler with mediocre songs at best. Tell you what, when I heard the album in full, I was never in my life glad to be so wrong. There are many killer tracks on “Desolation Angels.” “From great air guitar playing songs like “Rhythm Machine” and “Evil Wind,” as well as the singles “Rock and Roll Fantasy” and “Gone Gone Gone” to the more acoustic ballads, like “She Brings Me Love,” this album shows why Bad Company were the great force in rock in the 70s.

Track Listing:

1. Rock And Roll Fantasy

2. Crazy Circles

3. Gone Gone Gone

4. Evil Wind

5. Early in the Morning

6. Lonely for Your Love

7. Oh Atlanta

8. Take The Time

9. Rhythm Machine

10. She Wants Your Love

Bad Company

Paul Rogers- vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, synthesisers

Mick Ralphs- guitar, keyboards

Simon Kirke- drums

Boz Burrell- bass

Bad Company albums have all had that easy, feel good, sit outside in the summer with a beer while you listen to it appeal while maintaining their unique hard rock edge. “Desolation Angels” is no different and is classed as one of their best. Therefore, with the Olympics now happening in the summer months, take your portable CD player or MP3 ¬†and go out into the garden and have a listen to an album that made 1979. Also remember to take a portable TV so you can watch the beach volleyball.

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