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Great Rock Albums of 1979: The Cars- Candy O

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Here it is, the long awaited visit to the second album by The Cars, “Candy O.” One term I will be batting about quite a bit here is “Sophmore Jinx.” I used it once before when I visited the “Don’t Look Back” album by Boston and I will use it a lot more when I visit the second album from any rock or metal act. Like the Boston album, this second album from The Cars definitely escapes the sophmore jinx. To me, “Candy O” is every bit as good as the first album.

When compared to the first album, there are lots of similarities between the two, however, “Candy O” still sounds fresh. The singles from the album “Let’s Go” and “It’s All I Can Do” sound unique in their own right and the entire album gives that familiar Cars sound while at the same time doesn’t get old. I don’t know any other band who can create a sound where the guitars and keyboards completely compliment each other better than The Cars. This shines through with every song on the album.

Track Listing:

1. Let’s Go

2. Since I Held You

3. It’s All I Can Do

4. Double Life

5. Shoo Be Doo

6. Candy O

7. Nightspots

8. You Can’t Hold On Too Long

9. Lust for Kicks

10. Got A Lot On My Head

11. Dangerous Type

The Cars

Ric Ocasek- vocals, rhythm guitar

Elliot Easton- lead guitar, backing vocals

Greg Hawkes- keyboards, tenor sax, backing vocals

Ben Orr- bass, vocals

David Robinson- drums, percussion

One thing that can never be omitted when talking about The Cars is the unique vocals of Ric Ocasek. As soon as I hear him, I know it’s definitely The Cars I’m listening to. This is another thing that makes this album so good and I now include Elliot Easton in my ever growing list of underrated guitarist. Okay, he doesn’t go into long cranking solos, but when you hear him play, it is done very well. “Candy O” is one of the more memorable albums from 1979.

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Great Rock Albums of 1978: Boston- Don’t Look Back

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In America, there is a phrase called the “Sophmore Jinx.” It usually applies to sports where a player has a great rookie season, but doesn’t do as well in his second season. In music, it applies to a band who puts out a fantastic debut album, but the second album isn’t as good. There are many unfortunate examples of this. However, there is no way that the Sophmore Jinx applies to the second album from Boston, “Don’t Look Back.”

When I posted about the great debut album from Boston, I couldn’t sing its praises enough. It has gone down as one of the greatest rock albums in history and there’s no way in hell that I am going to debate that fact. Now, their second album is every bit as good as the first, in fact, if anything, “Don’t Look Back” is just a continuation from the first. If anyone knows if these two album are available together on one CD, let me know.

The album begins with one of the most mind blowing rhythm guitar riffs which then leads to a mind blowing lead guitar and that’s just the start. The brilliant musicianship and the amazing vocals by the late Brad Delp make this album great and proved to many back then that Boston were for real. From the opening title track to such great songs like “It’s Easy” and “Party,” all the tracks make it a great rock album, one of the best in 1978.

Track Listing:

1. Don’t Look Back

2. The Journey

3. It’s Easy

4. A Man I’ll Never Be

5. Feelin’ Satisfied

6. Party

7. Used to Bad News

8. Don’t Be Afraid


Brad Delp- vocals

Tom Shotz- lead guitar, rhythm guitar, piano, organ

Barry Goudreau- lead, slide and rhythm guitars

Fran Sheehan- bass

Boston definitely beat the Sophmore Jinx with “Don’t Look Back.” This, along with their first album ranks along the all time great rock albums. Not many bands go two for two, so this one is definitely worth a trip down memory lane.

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