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Great Rock Albums of 1985: Heart

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Heart’s 1985 self-titled album took the band into a more mainstream direction and gained them commercial success. The album contained five singles, “What About Love,” “These Dreams,” “Never,” “Nothin’ At All” and “If Looks Could Kill,” the first four making it into the top ten. Unlike Starship though, I didn’t immediately say that Heart had sold out and became a top 40 band because there is much on this album to like. On the other hand, this album didn’t make me want to put Heart classics such as “Dreamboat Annie,” “Dog and Butterfly” nor even their previous 1983 album, “Passionworks” to one side and not listen to them anymore.

What is interesting about this album is the song arrangement. If one was a top 40 listener, they would only need to listen to the first four tracks because those were the singles. I have always been a little surprised that “If Looks Could Kill” was released as a single because I like it so much. It is a fantastic album opener. Rocky, fast with some catchy hooks, it makes you want to stick around for the rest of the album. Something a great opener should do. Track two is the successful power ballad, “What About Love.” I think that after having the greatest power ballad of all time with “Allies” from their previous album, they probably thought they were on to something. While, “What About Love” is a decent power ballad, I do like Leese’s guitar solo on it, it doesn’t come close to “Allies” in greatness. “Never” would have been better if the keyboards were toned down a little more but it’s still a good song. Then comes the single, “These Dreams,” which was and always will be known as the song Nancy Wilson sings lead. It’s a soft rock ballad and one can’t fault Nancy’s voice, it’s good nor will I make sibling comparisons here. Ann and Nancy may be sisters but they have totally different vocal styles. The irony here is that “These Dreams” was Heart’s first number one single.

Once the four singles are done and dusted, the album goes back more to Heart’s traditional harder rock roots. “Wolf” and “All Eyes” are great rockers, especially the latter which gets my award for the hidden gem for the album. The keyboards are turned down and the guitars up, something that should have happened a little more with one or two of the songs here. The power ballad “Nobody Home” provides a brief respite between the more rocking songs. I’m surprised that was never released as a single as well. “Nothin’ At All” was the fifth single from the album and second to only the opener for hard rockyness, at least as far as singles go. It even reached the top 40 in the UK. “Shell Shock” is a good closer and it contains what is arguably Howard Leese’s best guitar solo for the entire album.

Track Listing:

  1. If Looks Could Kill
  2. What About Love
  3. Never
  4. These Dreams
  5. Wolf
  6. All Eyes
  7. Nobody Home
  8. Nothin’ At All
  9. What He Don’t Know
  10. Shell Shock

Heart (Mullet City or what?) 

Ann Wilson- lead vocals

Nancy Wilson- guitars, backing vocals, lead vocal on “These Dreams,” mandolin

Howard Lesse- guitar, keyboards, mandolin, backing vocals

Mark Andes- bass

Denny Carmassi- drums

Heart’s self-titled album brought them lots of commercial success in 1985. One can’t argue with five singles, four in the top ten with one going to number one. Some might think they sold out. I never thought that and there is enough of the old Heart here on this album to counter that claim.

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Great Rock Albums of 1978: Heart- Dog and Butterfly

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“Dog and Butterfly” was the late 1978 follow up to “Magazine” which Heart re-released earlier that year and in my opinion was better than the earlier album. In fact, many people cite this album as their favourite Heart album, although I, personally, am not so sure. It would be a tough choice between “Dog and Butterfly” and “Dreamboat Annie.” Needless to say, it is an album that shows Heart at their best.

This album is classic Heart through and through. Classic rocking tracks like the single “Straight On” form the foundation. Then there’s the soft ballad and title track, “Dog and Butterfly” with its mesmerising accoustic guitar. I was convinced that back in 1978, only Heart could make a ballad sound this good. To final it out, there’s the track “Mistral Wind,” which begins like a ballad with accoustic guitars, only to come in with some very good rock.

Track Listing:

1. Cook With Fire

2. High Time

3. Hijinx

4. Straight On

5. Dog and Butterfly

6. Lighter Touch

7. Nada One

8. Mistral Wind


Ann Wilson- lead vocals, violin, guitar

Nancy Wilson- guitar, piano, vocals

Michael DeRosier- drums

Howard Leese- guitar, keyboards

Roger Fisher- guitar, steel guitar

Steve Fossen- bass

Rich Keefer- synthesiser, vocals

Heart were one of the most commercially successful hard rock bands back in the late 70s. Albums like “Dog and Butterfly” bear testimony to this.

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Great Rock Albums of 1978: Heart- Magazine

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Originally, this ablum by Heart was released in 1977, however, the band wasn’t too pleased with the way it sounded so after a court battle, the album was pulled, remixed and re released in 1978 and it is this version that is going to be visited here. The main reason is that the remastered version of “Magazine” sounds like the classic hard rock that Heart were known and loved for in the late 70’s.

I have mentioned my AM radio that gave up the ghost, but I did have an antiquated looking AM/FM radio as well. I didn’t play it much because the local AM station played better stuff than the local FM station at the time. The FM station played lots of disco tunes. However, when I held that radio in the right position on my knee, I was able to pick up the Philadelphia stations and they were no way disco. It was through this self imposed agony, (my knee would stiffen after an hour of listening to the radio this way) that I first heard the classic rocking Heart jam, “Heartless.”

Like I said in my posting for the “Dreamboat Annie” album all those months ago, Ann and Nancy Wilson were the first true rock chicks in the modern sense. They knew how to rock and with the rest of the band behind them, they put out some classic rocking stuff like this album. Each song has the trademark vocals of Ann Wilson (Cheryl Cole isn’t worthy to lick her boot soles)with the unique guitar sound that is them. This included the more lighter songs like the title track and the more trippy sounding “Devil Delight.”

Track Listing:

1. Heartless

2. Devil Delight

3. Just the Wine

4. Without You

5. Magazine

6. Here Song

7. Mother Earth Blues

8. I Got the Music In Me

Ann Wilson- vocals, flute, keyboards, violin

Nancy Wilson- guitar, piano, vocals

Michael De Rosier- drums

Roger Fisher- guitar, steel guitar

Steve Fossen- bass

Howard Leese- guitar, keyboards, synthesiser, vocals

“Magazine” would be the first of two albums which Heart would release in 1978, the other one will be visited in my next post. It’s no wonder with great rock songs from the likes of Heart and others, my antique radios gave up the ghost.

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Great Rock Albums of the 70s: Heart- Dreamboat Annie

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Forget about power ballads such as “What About Love” and “Alone” which Heart were famous for in the 1980s, because a decade earlier, Heart were a true hard rock outfit. I freely admit as a red blooded male, it was the attractiveness of the Wilson sisters that first turned my head in their direction, they were the first true rock chicks, but when I heard this album, I was hooked by their cool hard rock sound.

“Dreamboat Annie” was the album that launched Heart into the ionosphere in rock. It served as the springboard for what would be a string of albuns and singles that would keep them at the top throughout the last half of the 1970s. Hits like “Magic Man” and “Crazy On You,” along with the ballad “Dreamboat Annie,” helped to make this album the great album it became.

Track Listing:

1. Magic Man

2. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)

3. Crazy On You

4. Soul of the Sea

5. Dreamboat Annie

6. White Lightning and Wind

7. (Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Song

8. Sing Child

9. How Deep It Goes

 10. Dreamboat Annie (Reprise)


Ann Wilson- vocals

Nancy Wilson- guitar

Roger Fisher- guitar

Howard Leese- guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Michael De Rosier- drums

Steve Fossen- bass

If you want a good nostalgic rock out, then this is a great album.

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