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REVIEW: Jethro Tull – A / Slipstream (CD/DVD)A Great Rock Album from 1980

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JETHRO TULL – A / Slipstream (2004 Chrysalis CD/DVD, originally 1980)

Unlike most Jethro Tull remasters, A did not contain any bonus tracks.  Rather, it includes the only official DVD release of Slipstream, an old Tull live/music video VHS release.

Cole’s Notes version of the history:  A began life as an Ian Anderson solo album, featuring new Tull bassist Dave Pegg and ex-Roxy Music multi-instrumentalist Eddie Jobson.  Jobson brought along his drummer friend Mark Craney, and then finally Ian asked his Tull bandmate Martin Barre to come in and play on a couple tracks.  Somehow, this turned into Martin playing on the entire album.

Anderson says that the record label, who were pushing for A to be released under the Jethro Tull banner, suddenly announced that Craney and Jobson were replacing current Tull members Barriemore Barlow, John Evan, and David Palmer.  This and other factors led to that exact…

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Great Rock Albums of 1978: Jethro Tull- Heavy Horses

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I realise and apologise for the fact that I should have included at least one of the classic albums from the great band that is Jethro Tull in the previous category of Great Rock Albums of the 70s. My favourite of these has always been the album “Too Old to Rock and Roll: Too Young to Die.” I used to hear this album advertised all the time when my antique radio was able to tune into the Philadelphia stations and I got to listen to some of the tracks.

Which brings me to this album, “Heavy Horses.” I must admit that I haven’t heard this album in a long time, but praise the Lord for YouTube. Listening to such tracks as “And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps.” “Weathercock” and “Heavy Horses” reminded me of the crisp progressive sound that has endeared so many to Jethro Tull. It also had me thinking about going and puffing the magic dragon as that was another thing I remember this album for. But I couldn’t do that as I was still at work.

Track Listing:

1. And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps

2. Acres Wild

3. No Lullaby

4. Moths

5. Journeyman

6. Rover

7. One Brown Mouse

8. Heavy Horses

9. Weathercock 

Jethro Tull

Ian Anderson- vocals, flute, accoustic guitar, mandolin, whistles

Martin Barrie- electric guitar

Barrimore Barlow- drums, percussion

John Evan- piano, organ

David Palmer- keyboards, pipe organ

John Glascock- bass

Guest Musician: Darryl Way- violin on Acres Wild and Heavy Horses

Heavy Horses reminded me of why I like Jethro Tull in the first place. Few back in the 70s did progressive rock better than they.

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