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I’d Like to Know Your Thoughts

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Thanks to readers of Peaceful Rampage and feedback I have received on Facebook, I have decided to carry on with writing a sequel to “He Was Weird.” Note, I haven’t completely decided to call it “He Was Weird 2” and a friend suggested I call it “He Was Weirder.” For now though, I’ll stick with the title until if and when I come up with a better one. The main obstacle is because this was a recent idea, I haven’t thought the entire story through. Therefore, I will use this post to provide a brief outline for the story.

In chapter one, which has been already written, you can go back and read it, but it’s in three parts, we meet the story’s protagonist, Sean Vandeventer. In the opening paragraphs, we see that he is a victim of bullying with the same lack of support which Mark Leversee had in the first “He Was Weird.” Teachers see him not doing the right thing but somehow miss out the bullying. Since this occurs during the Remembrance Service commemorating the tenth anniversary of Mark’s shooting, Sean begins to see similarities between what Mark went through and what he is going through.

For Sean, life after the service doesn’t really improve. He gets bullied for the rest of the time in junior high school and some in high school. The city of Ramsgate is more worried about another shooting more than what he is suffering. Furthermore, most people embrace the words of a so- called expert who says that all school shooters play the bullying card. As long as there is no threat of a gun being used, the city of Ramsgate is happy to turn a blind eye to any bullying, especially if it’s being carried out by jocks or other ‘popular’ kids.

Later in the story, Sean sets off alarm bells in high school when he declares that he wants to join the Marines after graduation. Because it was an ex-marine who taught Mark how to shoot, the school district has a hostile attitude towards the Marine Corps. Strange but true in the story, no one from Ramsgate has joined the Marines since Mark’s shooting and anyone who does wish to serve their country, is swayed into other branches of the service. However, Sean does join the Marines after graduation.

After graduating boot camp on his first leave, Sean decided to visit his high school in uniform. Like me, he wants to show that he made something of himself. Unlike me, though, two of his bullies start a fight with him and acting in self defense, Sean blinds one bully and breaks the other’s leg. Small town politics ensue and Sean is arrested and charged. The mess not only gets him in trouble with the city, it lands him in hot water with the Marines, especially as the parents of the two bullies sue the Corps. Without going into too much detail, Mark is handed over to military authorities as part of a deal which is that he is not to return to Ramsgate for the remainder of the time in the service.

Sean does his first enlistment without any further complication. He spends most of the time deployed and when he does get leave, he has to stay with his grandparents a few towns away from Ramsgate. However, when he reenlists and because his first enlistment is over, he thinks it’s okay to return to Ramsgate. Unfortunately, he is seen and remembered by someone who informs the local police and Sean is re-arrested. The town’s argument is that Sean is still in the service so the legal decision barring him from the town is still in force.

At the same time, he learns that his little brother is also being bullied and when the bullies learn that Sean can’t go to the town, they increase their torture and spread it to their mother and home. When Sean learns of this, he is livid and what I am thinking is a “Rambo 1, First Blood” type of ending.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

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I’m Sharing My Writing With You

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Call this a supplemental post, like one of Captain Piccard’s supplemental log entries. I have just finished the latest installment of my next book, which will be called “The V-Network.” It starts with a series of short stories about people let down by the British justice system who decide to get together and form a vigilante group. Before I introduce my latest short story for the book, let me reassure you that the regular twice weekly music posts will continue. However, I would like people to read it and tell me what they think. It will be done over several posts as it’s too long for a single post. Without any further ado, here’s my story called, “Self Defense 2, You Provoked Him.”

     No wonder she’s called ‘Amazon Glenda,’ Rochelle thought to herself as she struggled to break free of her opponent’s grasp. Glenda’s strong legs were securely wrapped around Rochelle’s head. Rochelle was finding it increasingly more difficult to breathe but there was no way she was going to succumb. With all her strength, she managed to get onto her side and then somehow, get up on her knees but it in no way lessened the pressure now being applied on her head. The move gave her some breathing space but still, her energy was slowly being sapped away.

     The loud ding of the bell ended her ordeal and round three of the fight. Glenda was forced to release her head scissors and both combatants went to their respective corners of the octagon cage.

You were very fortunate the bell rang, otherwise she might have gotten you to submit,” her manager informed her, scoldingly.

Yeah, I know,” Rochelle affirmed as she spit out a mouthful of water into a bucket next to her.

Then you know to stay out of her grasp then. You’re strength is in your boxing ability, use that.”

     Rochelle nodded as the words of advice echoed through her mind as she went out for round four. Immediately, Glenda charged at her but Rochelle side stepped and landed a round-house kick that caught her opponent in the mid-section. The blow had its desired effect. It enabled Rochelle to step inside the reach of the six foot two amazon who was six inches taller and land a left jab on the amazon’s chin. Glenda swung wildly but Rochelle parried that easily. Stepping in closer, she used all of her strength to land a right square onto her opponent’s jaw. Glenda crumpled to the mat in a huge heap. 

   The fallen gladiator made no movement while the referee counted to ten. Rochelle did her best to hide her exhilaration when the ref announced, “You’re out!” She raised her arms and let out a shrill scream in celebration of her latest victory. 

     Ring staff had only just managed to get the defeated Glenda to sit up as the ring announcer was proclaiming, “In thirty-eight seconds of the fourth round, the winner by knockout, Rocket Rochelle Dibley!” As the referee raised her right hand, she threw up her left, all the while, soaking up the applause of the crowd.

   Memories of her latest victory was still fresh in Rochelle’s mind as she drove her delivery van into Brighton the following week. She was now undefeated in seven fights and her latest victory was her biggest yet. Amazon Glenda had been unbeaten in eight fights before meeting Rochelle. The MMA world had to take her seriously now.

End of part 1

Be as nice or as vicious as you like. My next post will still be Dokken’s “Tooth ‘N’ Nail” album and I will put more extracts from the story between the music posts. Just to reaffirm, here’s a track from the band Puppy, who impressed a lot at Download.

Help Choose The Topic For My Next Book

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You have probably noticed from the post’s title, I want to do a poll. I have four ideas buzzing around my head for my third book but don’t know which one to choose. So, I’m asking you as a prospective reader to choose the one you would like to read the most.

Idea 1: A prequel to my first book Rock And Roll Children. The story is about Bob’s older brother Mitch who serves in the US peacekeeping mission in Beirut in 1983. He is wounded but returns home to total indifference and even intolerance.

Idea 2: A sort of sequel to He Was Weird. A talk show host, in a bid to save her plummeting ratings, holds a show where mothers of school shooters meet with mothers of their victims. Donna Leversee would appear on the show.

Idea 3: People who were either victims or witnesses to crimes are badly let down by the British justice system. They go onto form a vigilante network.

Idea 4: A male substitute teacher works in various schools and impresses female members of staff in more ways than one.

Please tell me which of these appeals to you, it would be greatly appreciated.

Great Party Films of 1978: National Lampoon’s Animal House

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In 1978, we were treated to not one, but two great party films. The first, “Up in Smoke” was covered last week. The second one was the all time classic “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” This film revolutionised the party attitude, especially in colleges for the next few years. I remember toga parties springing up around the area and not just in colleges. This film became an inspiration to anyone who wanted to party.

Animal House was the first film for John Belushi from Saturday Night Live fame. His role as Bluto made him a legend. It also encouraged a lot of people to smash cans on their head, but who cares, it was funny like the entire film. Also, how many of us wished they could down a fifth of Jack Daniels the way he did?

“Animal House” has another importance to the heavy metal world. If it hadn’t been for this film, we never would have been treated to the ranting father in the Twisted Sister video “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” No one could have filled that role better than Mark Metcalf who played the infamous Niedermeyer in the film.

This film does get a mention in “Rock And Roll Children,” since it is such a great party film, it was only natural the characters would want to watch it. So if you feel like drinking a skinful in the future, watch “Animal House” before you go out. You will be truly inspired! One word of warning though, stay away from the mayor’s thirteen year old daughter.

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Book Signing- Result

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Last night was a rather successful evening. First, I mananged to sell three books although one was the pub buying one at cost. I also found Fat Lil’s to be a cool venue with a lot of true metal heads. It also features a lot of tribute acts. In the not too distant future such tribute acts as Mentallica, Greenish Day and Blondied will be playing there.

What a difference a year can make! Shepherd’s Pie were very good when I saw them last year, but last night, they were even better. Some great covers of some great songs from Iron Maiden, Rainbow and Metallica and yes, they did play a Dio song last night and were given a free copy of Rock And Roll Children as a reward. Their cover of “Holy Diver” would have made Dio proud.

I was also invited to host another book signing at a nearby village pub frequented by the Creepy Crawlies MC.

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Book Signing on Saturday May 12

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I will be on location at Fat Lil’s Pub in Witney, Oxfordshire to sell and sign copies of Rock and Roll Children. This will be my first book signing event of the year, so if you haven’t bought a copy of Rock And Roll Children, here’s your chance to get your own autographed copy. If you have, I will still autograhph it and you can tell me what you think of it.

Of course, it won’t just be a case of me signing books because also appearing on the evening will be the sensational metal covers band Shepherd’s Pie. These guys are a brilliant cover band and are definitely worth checking out. It should also be interesting to see if they rise to my challenge. A free copy of Rock and Roll Children is waiting for them if they play a Dio song during the night.

So, for a fantastic night of live metal and a chance to buy a great book, come to Fat Lil’s this Saturday night. You won’t be disappointed.

The next post will be Animal House as promised

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Great Rock Albums of 1978: The Cars

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Originally, I wasn’t going to visit this album until I reached the end of 1978 because I didn’t know of it until early 1979. It was sort of the same thing that happened to me in January 1978 with the “Out of the Blue” album by ELO. The first weekend in 1979, I was driving home from hockey practice (street hockey) and the song “My Best Friend’s Girl” came on the radio. That became my first official song I liked for the year. So you may be asking why am I visiting this album now and there are still a lot of great 1978 albums left to see. Well the honest answer is, “I don’t know.” I just felt the urge to visit this album here and now.

Like in the case of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Patty Smith, some ill informed numpties branded The Cars a punk band. I remember back in the year, many disco lovers simply shrugged it off as such and The Cars were probably easy targets for the narrow minded. Their look was something I would definitely call unique for 1978 as was the sound on the album. It was definitely something I had never heard before, but what I did know was that I liked it. Ric Ocasek has a vocal that is truly unique and at the same time familiar. Definitely his talents are underrated.

Track Listing:

1. Good Times Roll

2. My Best Friends Girl

3. Just What I Needed

4. I’m In Touch With Your World

5. Don’t Cha Stop

6. You’re All I Got Tonight

7. Bye Bye Love

8. Moving In Stereo

9. All Mixed Up

The Cars

Ric Ocasek- rhythm guitar, lead vocals

Elliot Easton- lead guitar, backing vocals

Benjamin Orr- bass, lead vocals

Greg Hawkes- keyboards, saxophone, percussion, backing vocals

David Robinson- drums, electric percussion, backing vocals

As I continued writing this post, I remembered my incentive for posting this album now. A few days ago, I listened to their classic hit “Just What I Needed” on the car’s CD player. Hearing that made me want to visit the album. Another song on the CD is also behind the next post. The debut album from The Cars established them as a serious act in the rock world. This is the first and arguably the best of many cool records from this memorable band.

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Great Rock Albums of 1978: Todd Rungren- Hermit of Mink Hollow

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I know this cover isn’t the one for “Hermit of Mink Hollow,” it’s for an earlier album from 1972, “Something/Anything?.” The reason, I’m putting this album on the post as well is because the “Something/Anything?” album is one of those that got left out in the last chapter “Great Rock Albums of the 70s.” Therefore, I thought I would say a few words about it here.

“Something/Anything?” is considered by many Todd Rundgren fans as one of his very best and I’m not one who’s going to debate that. While it’s pop oriented, including hit singles “Hello It’s Me” and “I Saw the Light,” there are some great rocking moments on it. Songs such as “Black Maria,” “Little Red Lights” and “Couldn’t I Just Tell You” are some very powerful rocking hits. Todd Rundgren also shows a sense of humour similar to Warren Zevon in songs like “Piss Aaron” and “You Left Me Sore.” At the end, he takes both the hard rock sound and humourous lyrics to make the song “Slut” which leaves you in no doubt of his versatility. With all that said, let’s look at the 1978 offering “Hermit of Mink Hollow.”

The first thing I noticed when I first heard this album was that Rundgren follows the blue print from the “Something/Anything?” album. But he takes it one step further by playing all the instruments and furnishing all vocals himself. While past albums have large portions of them featuring Todd Rundgren alone, this is the first album to totally feature no other musicians. “Hermit of Mink Hollow” was totally created, arranged and produced by him.

The tracks on the album prove that working solo was a good idea for Todd Rundgren. True, it is also a pop oriented album, the single “Can We Still Be Friends” bears witness to it, there are some good rock moments and tracks which show his humourous side as well. “Out of Control” and “Determination” show that Rundgren can rock with the best of them and even after all these years, I still burst out laughing when I hear “Onomataopoeia.” Tracks “Bread” and “Bag Lady” show his aversion to social inequality, while the former song has a good rock edge as well, once again proving his versatility.

Track Listing:

1. All The Children Sing

2. Can We Still Be Friends

3. Hurting For You

4. Too Far Gone

5. Onomataopoeia

6. Determination

7. Bread

8. Bag Lady

9. You Cried Wolf

10. Lucky Guy

11. Out of Control

12. Fade Away

There are not many artists out there who can play all the instruments, supply all the vocals and arrange production all themselves on an album and there is, in my humble opinion, no one who can do it better than Todd Rundgren. The two albums mentioned here are proof of that.

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Great Rock Albums, 1978: ELO- Out of the Blue

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 Before everybody starts getting on my case about historical accuracy, something I myself am big on, I know that “Out of the Blue” was actually released in 1977. However, I didn’t hear this fine album until 1978 and because it was the very first album I listened to that year, I thought it was only fitting that I begin the new series with it. I first heard it on the very first weekend in January 1978 while over my friend’s place and I must say I was hooked from the very first track, “Turned to Stone.” It was only fitting that I listen to the rest of it.

Back in 1978, I considered ELO’s “Out of the Blue” album to be state of the art as did many back then. I was completely impressed with the use of instruments, synthesisers and other sound effects like the recording of actual rainfall in the four song piece, “Concerto for a Rainy Day.” I was further impressed with how ELO used classical instruments such as cellos and violins and still maintained a unique rock sound. This is why the album was considered a scientific breakthrough back then.

Track Listing:

1. Turned to Stone

2. It’s Over

3. Sweet Talkin’ Woman

4. Across the Border

5. Night in the City

6. Starlight

7. Jungle

8. Believe Me Now

9. Stepping Out

Concerto for a Rainy Day

10. Standing in the Rain

11. Big Wheels

12. Summer and Lightning

13. Mr Blue Sky

14. Sweet is the Night

15. The Whale

16. Birmingham Blues

17. Wild West Hero



Jeff Lynne- lead vocals, guitar

Bev Bevan- drums, percussion

Richard Tandy- keyboards, guitar

Kelly Groucutt- bass

Mik Kaminski- violin

Melvin Gayle- cello, piano

Hugh McDowell- cello

Since this album kicked off 1978, for me I think it is only fitting to start 2012 by listening to this classic album once again and I invite you to do the same. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

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Rock And Roll Children- The CD

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Book sales of Rock And Roll Children are a bit slow at the moment, so in order to jump start things, I will be now giving away a free CD with any books bought directly from me. All you have to do is email me at for more information. However, those lucky few who already have a copy can still get a CD by writing a review on Amazon, The Rock And Roll Children Page on Facebook or on any blog. Just alert me to it’s presence.

The CD obviously features songs mentioned in the book. When compiling the list, I originally chose 61 songs to use on the CD and I could have used a few more. Some of my British friends may wonder why “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” by Night Ranger is not on it as the club we all used to go to back then played it every week. After much consideration, I eventually had to cut it down to 17.

Song List:

  1. Judas Priest- You Got Another Thing Coming
  2. Twisted Sister- We’re Not Gonna Take It
  3. Ratt- Round and Round
  4. Dio- The Last in Line
  5. Krokus- Screaming in the Night
  6. Iron Maiden- Two Minutes to Midnight
  7. Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers
  8. AC/DC- For Those About to Rock, We Salute You
  9. Dio Rock And Roll Children
  10. Stormtroopers of Death- Pussywhipped
  11. Aerosmith- Dream On
  12. Ozzy Osbourne- Shot in the Dark
  13. Anthrax- Madhouse
  14. Iron Maiden- Wasted Years
  15. Megadeth- Peace Sells
  16.  WASP- Fuck Like a Beast
  17.  Kiss- Crazy Crazy Nights


So, if you fancy a good read and you want some kick ass jams to accompany it, then buy the book and get this great CD.

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