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A Different Compilation Album

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Whenever a rock compilation is unleashed onto the public, you can bet that there will be a repetition of the same songs. When you buy it, you are really only buying it for a few songs you don’t have, because the other songs on it will definitely be on all the other rock compilations you own. These include:

Boston- More Than a Feeling

Blue Oyster Cult- Don’t Fear the Reaper

Black Sabbath- Paranoid

Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water

Rainbow- Fool For Your Loving

Whitesnake- Here I Go Again

Heart- Alone

Marillion- Kayleigh

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

There’s nothing wrong with any of these songs, I like all of them. But I don’t want them on every compilation I buy. Besides, there are songs from many of these artists which I like more than the ones listed here. Taking all of this into consideration, I have decided to put together my own compilation album, (not for sale) with the following songs.

1. Michael Stanley Band- My Town

2. Heart- If Looks Could Kill

3. Black Sabbath- War Pigs

4. Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla

5. Whitesnake-  Slide it In

6. Jay Ferguson- Thunder Island

7. OPM- Heaven is a Half pipe

8. Anthrax- Make Me Laugh

9. Ted Nugent- High Heels in Motion

10. Saxon- Wheels of Steel

11. Marillion- Sugar Mice

12. Motorhead- Killed By Death

13. Night Ranger- Don’t Tell Me You Love Me

14. Boston- Piece of Mind

15. Rainbow- Death Alley Driver

16. Deep Purple- Woman From Tokyo

You might like some of these or most likely you have your own suggestions for a rock compilation. If so, feel free to post your suggestions here.

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Great Metal Love Songs

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Much has been said about metal love songs as of late. In fact, the Kerrang Channel recently played what was considered the greatest fifty power ballads. I didn’t watch as much as I would have liked but I could agree with some of the songs, although I personally wouldn’t call “How You Remind Me” by Nickelback a love song or even a ballad, but everyone has different ideas to what a ballad is.

It has been often said that every heavy metal band has its token ballad, although I don’t think anyone would dare say that to Exodus and a few like minded bands. As I’m beginning to mellow with age, well just a liittle, I have been taking more notice of some of these softer songs. Today I’m going to list the ones that I think most metalhead males play to their female counterparts in the hopes it will get them laid.


  • KISS- Beth
  • Motley Crue- Home Sweet Home
  • Poison- Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  • Def Leppard- When Love And Hate Collide
  • Guns and Roses- November Rain
  • Jouney- Open Arms
  • Rush- Closer To the Heart
  • Twisted Sister- You’re Not Alone (Suzette’s Song)
  • TNT- Lost Without Your Love
  • Twisted Sister- The Price
  • Thunder- A Better Man
  • Extreme- More Than Words
  • Little Angels- I Ain’t Gonna Cry
  • Aerosmith- I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
  • The Scorpions- Winds of Change (Yes I know its about the collapse of the Berlin Wall, but a lot of ladies still like it)
  • Def Leppard- Love Bites
  • Nazereth- Love Hurts
  • Slade- My Oh My
  • April Wine- Just Between You and Me
  • Tyketto- Standing Alone
  • Pretty Boy Floyd- I Wanna Be With You
  • Mass- Do You Love Me

  • Metallica- Nothing Else Matters
  • LA Guns- Ballad of Jane
  • Danger Danger- One Step From Paradise
  • Nelson- Love and Affection
  • Dokken- Alone Again
  • Crystal Ball- Silence of the Night
  • Alice Cooper- You and Me
  • Alice Cooper- I’ll Never Cry
  • Alice Cooper- Only Women Bleed
  • Heart- Alone
  • The Scorpions- Still Loving You
  • Def Leppard- Bringing On the Heartbreak
  • Heart- These Dreams
  • Whitesnake- Here I Go Again
  • Steelheart- I’ll Never Let You Go
  • Thin Lizzy- I’m Still In Love With You

Obviously, this list is in no means exhaustive and there are probably many more songs you metalheads play to your girlfriends in order to seduce them. Please, let me know your favourites.

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Other Great Metal Influences, Part 9; The Sweet

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If I didn’t include The Sweet in my category of great metal influences, my wife would never let me forget it, my stepson either. While many don’t think of these guys when compared to the likes of Kiss, Alice Cooper, Rush or Aerosmith, The Sweet were one of those bands that put out a string of great rock hits from 1970-78 that had audiences eating out of their hands. Songs like “Blockbuster,” “Whim Wham Bam,” “Pappa Joe,” “Ballroom Blitz” and two songs which were my favourites in 1974 and 1976, “Little Willy” and “Fox On the Run” entertained a generation of rockers.

The driving force behind The Sweet was                  

         Brian Conelly- vocals

Andy Scott- guitar

Steve Priest- bass

Mick Tucker- drums

As much as their hard rocking sound, the glam image was also what The Sweet was known for. Bands like Motley Crue and Poison can take their influences direct from them and with bands like Def Leppard recording covers of their songs, it is only fair to rank The Sweet as one of those great acts who were an influence on the metal of the 80s.

Next post is the final in the chapter of Great Metal Influences and will include Slade and Blue Oyster Cult

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Take a Trip Through Heavy Metal History

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I have come to the conclusion that over the past few months I have been writing this blog, that I have been nothing more than a glorified newspaper columnist. While I will continue to comment on things relating to heavy metal,  I have nearly forgotten that the main point of the blog is to promote my book Rock And Roll Children and have finally figured out a way on how to do this properly.

There are many great heavy metal blogs on the net, including some right here on WordPress. They cover metal both old and new alerting readers to great heavy metal releases and news as well as the occasional trip back in history. My blog will now take you through the history of heavy metal in the 1980s, thus keeping in line with the name of the blog. I will mention great albums of the decade and the artists who made them. I will also revisit many of the events from the 80s which helped to shape the music and I will do all I can to post twice a week.

Let us start by paying tribute to a great concert venue from the era. The Spectrum in Philadelphia was the sight of many a great event from when it was built in 1967 to it’s demolition in 2009.  During its 42 years, it hosted many great happenings in sports and music. It was the place where the Philadelphia Flyers lifted their first Stanley Cup in 1974 and where the 76ers won at least one of teir NBA Crowns. However, for me, it was the scene of some fantasitc metal concerts from 1983 -86. I rocked and partied to great shows by Twisted Sister, Dio, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and many more to name a few. There were many other great shows both before and after as well.

I am sure many an old metalhead like myself shed a silent tear when this great monument to heavy metal was demolished. I look back in time and still immagine metalheads all partying under the Rocky statue swapping stories, having pre concert parties and even being accosted by Jesus freaks. So when you travel down metal memory lane with me, take a second to pay homage to the venue that gave thousands some great metal memories.

The 80s were the golden age of heavy metal!

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Over the past few months, since I started this blog, I have maintained that the 1980s was a golden age in heavy metal.  After much debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that it defintely was the golden age. My first piece of evidence is the Bloodstock Festival. In 2010, Twisted Sister, a famous band from the 80s, headlined on the final day of the festival. They drew the largest crowd and won accolades from both young and old on the day. Furthermore, the band Heaven and Hell were also due to play Bloodstock but they had to pull out due to the death of Ronnie James Dio. Many bands during the 3 days paid tribute to the great Dio and how much of an influence he was on the metal scene.

It seems that in 2011, the promoters of Bloodstock have chosen other great bands from the 80s to play the festival. Headlining on two of the three nights are two memorable bands from that greast decade, Motorhead and WASP. I realise that Motorhead began in the 70s, but they continued to awe millions with their brand of music throughout the 8os as well. As for WASP, in 1986 I bought their album “The Last Command” because it was the first album to have a PMRC sticker on it. Other bands form the 80s who will be playing Bloodstock are Exodus, Napalm Death and Kreator.

It’s not just Bloodstock that has these great shows. There are others like Download which include bands from the 80s. Last year, I believe Iron Maiden and Motley Crue played there. Likewise, there is another festival with the likes of Def Leppard and of course there is the Judas Priest farewell tour with Queensryche and a new release from Whitesnake. Kiss, Megadeth, Metallica and many other famous bands from the 80s are still going strong. True, their records sales may not be as astronomical as they were in the 80s, but over the years, they have amassed a huge following who still buy their albums and go to their concerts. Therefore, this leads me to conclude that the 80s truly was “The Golden Age of Heavy Metal.”

p.s. You can read an account of 80s metal in my book Rock And Roll Children.

Rock and Roll Children, the great new book!

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A new book about heavy metal in the 1980s is now available to buy. It is called Rock and Roll Children and it is written by Michael D. LeFevre. Below is the official press release.

It’s the 1980s and heavy metal music has exploded across America and Frankie, Bob, Rick and Jeff are caught up in it. From Dio to Twisted Sister, these metal heads hit up every concert they can. Attending college in different states, and even countries, heavy metal music is what bringsthese four best friends back together summer after summer.
But with the middle of the 1980s begins the “intolerance” of heavy metal music. Girlfriends, yuppies and Jesus freaks want to put an end to the heavy metal scene just as artists like Ozzy Osbourne and Aerosmith are playing their greatest hits! Cracks begin emerging in their friendship while everyone is trying to make their own way in the world, especially when Jeff’s travels lead him to England. Will heavy metal all-stars like Ted Nugent, Anthrax and Judas Priest bring these four friends back together? Or are their partying days long over?