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Great Metal Albums of 1978: AC/DC- Powerage

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As I mentioned previously, back in 1978, the gods of rock were hard at work at their anvils forging the genre which we would come to know and love as heavy metal. Originally, I was going to put all the metal albums of 78 that I was going to visit in one block, however an event taking place this Saturday has changed my planned course. You see, this Saturday, I’m going to see AC/DC tribute band Hell’s Bells at the Subscription Rooms in Stroud. They are as close to AC/DC as you can get without actually being them. Critics and fans have described them as “note perfect.” Therefore, it is only fitting that I visit this great 1978 album from this iconic band.

There have been debates as to whether or not AC/DC is metal and I’m not going to elaborate on it here. I think they are and if they aren’t, they have influenced a hell of a lot of bands who are. That brings me around to “Powerage.” Like all their pre “Highway to Hell” albums, it was another one I first listened to when trawling the AC/DC archives and like those albums, it is a raw, hungry sound that is totally mind blowing. It also helps that the first track on it is one of my all time favourite AC/DC songs, “Rock and Roll Damnation.” The other tracks, espeically “Down Payment Blues,” “Sin City” and “Kicked in the Teeth Again” make this album the classic album that it is.

Track Listing:

1. Rock and Roll Damnation

2. Down Payment Blues

3. Give Me a Bullet

4. Riff Raff

5. Sin City

6. What’s Next to the Moon

7. Gone Shootin’

8. Up to My neck in You

9. Kicked in the Teeth Again


Bon Scott- vocals

Angus Young- lead guitar

Malcolm Young- rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Cliff Williams/ bass, backing vocals

Phil Rudd- drums

You can tell when you listen to “Powerage” that AC/DC were just a stone’s throw away from making the big time. This album truly rocks with the best of them. I’ll let you know all bout Hell’s Bells when I make the next post.

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