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Great Metal Albums of 1982: Twisted Sister- Ruff Cutts

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This time, I have an excuse for not discovering this 1982 album until 1985. That is the fact that I never saw it in any record store in America until then. Trust me, if the debut EP but Twisted Sister, “Ruff Cutts,” had been available anywhere, I would have found it. I was that much of a Twisted Sister fan. Then again, if I had heard it in 1982, I still would have bought it as, it was a sign of things to come for this band.

Three of the four songs featured on “Ruff Cutts” would later be re-recorded on their debut full length album that would come out later that year and obviously, I won’t let that one go by. “What You Don’t Know,” “Shoot’em Down” and “Under the Blade” are three of the corner stone songs on that future album so it’s no wonder they would appear on the EP. The tracks aren’t as polished as they would be on the album but that’s not a crime here. They are still as hard rocking and show a flash of greater things to come.

As for the fourth track, “Leader of the Pack,” that would appear on an album that would come out weeks after I discovered this EP but that’s another story. Trying to get into the band’s mindset back then, I wonder if they thought to include it for humourous reasons or were they saving it for later on. I never hated the song, but it does pale in comparison with the other three.

Track Listing:

  1. What You Don’t Know
  2. Shoot’em Down
  3. Under the Blade
  4. Leader of the Pack
Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

Dee Snider- vocals

Jay Jay French- guitars, backing vocals

Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda- guitars, backing vocals

Mark “The Animal” Mendoza- bass

Joey Brighton- drums, tracks 1 and 2

Tony Petri- drums, tracks 3 and 4

The EP would arise in popularity in the 1980s and for many bands, it would be a good way to get them noticed without having to put out a full album. History shows that this might have been the case with “Ruff Cutts” for Twisted Sister as this would lead to some magnificent albums in the future.

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