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My First Gig Review

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I apologise now if you were hoping to read about The Cars “Candy O” album, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next post. See, I have spent the past four days on holiday in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North of England. My wife is in love with the city and I must say that I like it too. Here’s some piccies I took when I was on the open top doubledecker tour bus.

Gateshead Millenium Bridge

   The “New” Castle

On my last evening there, I did get to see a great gig at a pub in the centre of the city called Trillian’s. I had been there on my previous trip to Newcastle so I knew that it was a cool metal club. Furthermore, the manager remembered me from last year when I did a book signing there. Therefore, it’s only fair that I include a picture of Trillian’s and no the girl in the photo wasn’t intentional.

So I put out my two books and a good number of cards on a table close enough to the stage and waited for the festivities to begin. The first band out was a trio called Spook And the Ghouls. As with many opening bands, they had the misfortune of beginning their set in front of a half empty venue, but they managed to get the crowd that was there, including me, going.  They had a real catchy metal sound, at least I thought so and their masters of horror image shows a humourous side to them as well. However, I was very impressed with them and would love to hear more.

Spook and the Ghouls

I must admit, when I see a horn section in what I think is supposed to be a metal or punk band, I get a little nervous. Sure, that might work for the Blues Brothers and I must say, it worked for the second band on the night, Victims of Circumstance. This five piece band which features a saxophone and a trumpet is a good sounding hard rock band. I was impressed with some of their originals, although I can’t remember any titles off hand and I really loved their version of the old Del Shannon hit, “Runaway.” Like the opener, they also kept me entertained throughout their entire set. Finishing off with a cover of “I Want You to Want Me” where the horns performed in place of the guitar solos was a masterstroke for them.

Victims of Circumstance

Throughout the evening, I noticed this rather attractive young lady with great legs in Trillian’s. No, I didn’t go chat her up, I’m a married man, but if I had talked to her, I would have learned that she is the lead singer for the headliners on the evening, The Creepshow. Being headliners, they had plenty of merchandise on display making me wish I had more money so I could have bought one of their CDs. I also learned that they hail from Canada. They are another five piece band with a keyboard and the lead singer sometimes doubles on guitar. I found their sound very entertaining, a hard rock sound that is sometimes melodic. Their website describes them as country meets psycho punk and I can see that as well. What they did do is get the masses inside Trillian’s on their feet and rocking along with them from start to finish.

The Creepshow

I didn’t sell any copies of “Rock And Roll Children” on the night, but I really don’t care. I was treated to some cool music at a very metal venue in a really nice city. I think there is something with all three of the bands I saw on the evening and if you ever get the chance to check them out, you should. Saying that, The Creepshow has several CDs now out and available to buy on their website.

Next Post is definitely The Cars- Candy O

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