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Great Albums That Were Lost in the Cassette Player

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For those who have been following me for awhile, you will know that back in the early 198os, I owned a lot of cassettes due to my very limited living space when I was in the marines. Even after I got out, while I began buying vinyl again, I still bought a good amount of cassettes. My logic at the time was you couldn’t play records in the car and I need my travelling music. While cassettes had the advantage of being very compact, you could fit one in your shirt pocket, they had the disadvantage of being susceptible of destructing. They could easily get mangled in the player and often times brake. I found this extremely frustrating. While the percentage of cassettes lost was small compared to the number I owned, it still upset me when I lost one to the machine. So, as an in between the years post, I will play homage to all the great albums that were mangled by a tape player.

The famous ammo cans . I thought this would be a good excuse to put this picture in the post.

Others that succumbed but I don’t have pictures for

Slayer- South of Heaven

The Dreggs- Unsung Heroes

The Who- recorded from the radio


There could be more but these are the ones I definitely remember. However, other cassettes weren’t mangled in the machine but wore out another way. When played they began to have a hiss sound on them. Eventually, this hiss got louder and present on more of the tape until it was unplayable. There was the odd tape where that started but it stopped and played normal again. Unfortunately, others didn’t so here is a tribute to those cassettes that were lost in this manner.

As you can see, many a great album fell victim to the dreaded tape player one way or the other. Thank God for CDs and more modern means of listening to music as I don’t have that problem anymore.

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Great Metal Albums of 1979: Van Halen II

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Since I finished the tour of 1978 with their first album, I thought it was only fitting that I ended my tour of 1979 with their second one. This was definitely one of the albums that converted me to metal and some might say I’m crazy, but VHII is my all time favourite Van Halen album. It could be argued that this is because I listened to this one before I listened to their first one but still, for me, this album is Van Halen at their very best.

This album goes back to a time when they were a tight outfit and the quality of the songs on it show why. Yes, there’s the single “Dance the Night Away,” which I was told got played in a disco. (Can’t say for sure because I never went to those places.) Still, I know many a rocker, like me who really got into this song. Then there’s one of my favourite metal drinking songs, “Bottoms Up.” Great memories of trying to sing the chorus after sinking a few cold ones, okay many cold ones but you get my point. I still strain my ear when the instrumental “Spanish Fly” is played in order to appreciate the guitar work by one of the masters Eddie Van Halen. Of course, after all the other great tracks, what better way to end the album than “Beautiful Girls,” even if David Lee Roth gets shot down at the end of the song.

Track Listing:

1. You’re No Good

2. Dance the Night Away

3. Somebody Get Me a Doctor

4. Bottoms Up!

5. Outta Love Again

6. Light Up the Sky

7. Spanish Fly

8. D.O.A.

9. Women in Love

10. Beautiful Girls

Van Halen

Van Halen

David Lee Roth- vocals

Eddie Van Halen- guitars, backing vocals

Michael Anthony- bass, backing vocals

Alex Van Halen- drums

Before they would get entangled with in fighting and other things, Van Halen made some excellent music. Their second album is proof of this and for me, it was a great way to end the 7os. This concludes my tour of 1979 but stay tuned for we will now proceed to what I consider the golden decade of heavy metal and I hope you will come for the ride to see why I feel that way. But first, I thought I would take a little one post break, (see below).

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