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You Don’t Have to be a Metal Head to Enjoy Rock and Roll Children

Posted in Uncategorized on December 6, 2010 by 80smetalman

Many of you may have heard of the book Rock and Roll Children and be put off by the heavy metal theme. However, Rock and Roll Children goes beyond heavy metal in telling the story. It also tells the about intolerance, something a lot of people who listened to heavy metal suffered back then and some still do now. Furthermore, it goes on to highlight life in the 80s in general, especially those of the younger generation who had to either, get into a mountain of debt to further their education, work 3 jobs to make a living or join the military. Regan’s so-called economic miracle of creating millions of jobs that paid minimum wage is also mentioned.

So, whether you are some activist or like history and want to read an alternative view of 80s Regan America, then I would definitely reccomend Rock And Roll Children. Besides, I have had feedback from 2 non metal heads who both say the book is a good read.