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Heavy Metal not to Blame

Posted in Heavy Metal with tags , on January 18, 2011 by 80smetalman

Once again, Rush Limbaugh and his cronies are trying to blame heavy metal music on the shootings in Arizona. This at least allows them to believe, in their own little twisted worlds, that any other cause is not possible. Maybe what caused Loughner to commit such an atrocity will never fully be known. He did have metal health problems which, from what I read, went ignored. Especially it seems that in the US, whenever public budgets are slashed, mental healthcare is usually a target.  But I guess it is easier to blame music, politics or even the gun culture. I’m not pro or anti gun. I do believe, however, that Loughner never should have been allowed to have one.

I Don’t Advocate Drug Use

Posted in 1980s with tags , , on January 7, 2011 by 80smetalman

Already my new book Rock And Roll Children has been out six weeks and its causing some misguided comments. Yes, it is true that the main characters in the story smoke a lot of weed. However, this doesn’t mean that the book encourages drug use. Nowhere do I say “do drugs” or anything of the kind. I just felt it fit in well with the story. Do I do drugs, well let’s just say that what I got up to back in the 80s will forever remain in the 80s.