Great Rock Albums of 1984: Marillion- Fugazi

If there hadn’t been so much heavy metal available in 1984, I wouldn’t have missed the second album from the band I call the progressive rock kings of the 1980s, Marillion. While the “Fugazy” album was wowing people in the UK, I was too busy headbanging away for it to catch my notice.Was it a shame that I didn’t listen to any Marillion until 1985 and this album until 87? It sure is but I’ve made up for it since.

At the opening notes of the album’s first song, “Assassing,”I can hear a definite influence from 1970s prog icons Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Maybe it’s that horn sound that reminds me of “Fanfare for the Common Man” that does it. Still, “Assassing” is a brilliant song, very underrated, even in the scope of Marillion songs. “Punch and Judy” follows next and there are elements of hard rock in the song that I truly like.

The next three songs have always melded together for me with the standout part being the middle song, Emerald Lies.” “Emerald Lies” is a great versatile song that makes use of keyboards and guitars in all the right parts. This is another great progressive rock tune that requires one to sit down and listen in order to appreciate its beauty to its full potential. The song after, “She Chameleon” has always sounded weird to me but not in a bad way. There are keyboard parts that sound like a horror or sci fi film and Steve Rothery does play a mean guitar solo on it. The album closes with two of the strongest tracks on the album, “Incubus” and “Fugazi.” Both are very catchy prog rock tunes that have you bouncing along until the end. There might only be seven songs on the “Fugazi” but when the album is done, you definitely feel you had more than your money’s worth.

In an age where many bands were dumbing down their sound, it was great to hear that Marillion was one of those bands who continued to sound intelligent. They were musicians who actually cared about how well they played and that is evidenced on this album and other ones. One thing “Fugazi” surprises you with is with all the changes in all of the songs. One minute you’re drifting off to some great keyboard wizardry from Kelly and then bang! Rothery powers up the guitar. Then there’s the unmistakable vocals of Fish. He makes poetry come alive to music.

Track Listing:

  1. Assassing
  2. Punch and Judy
  3. Jigsaw
  4. Emerald Lies
  5. She Chameleon
  6. Incubus
  7. Fugazi


Fish- vocals

Steve Rothery- guitars

Mark Kelly- keyboards

Pete Trawavas- bass

Ian Mosley- drums

Marillion would make the major breakthrough to my listening ears a year later and I would embrace them. Eventually, I would go back through their catalogue and savour the music thanks to my first wife who was a big Marillion fan. That would be the first concert we went to as husband and wife. With all of that said, “Fugazi” was too good of an album for me to miss out on in 1984.

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21 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1984: Marillion- Fugazi”

  1. Absolutely love this album, keep a Vinyl copy on my wall for decoration.

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  2. This sounds pretty great. I have to admit that I’ve yet to really listen to Marillion, so this is a great reminder for me!

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  3. I have a pile of Marillion, thanks to Mike’s suggestion, including Script For A Jester’s Tear, Misplaced Childhood, Clutching At Straws, Brave… but for some reason, not this one. Which is doubly weird because one of my fave bands (in a long list of fave bands) goes by the name Fugazi too…

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  4. Steve Rothery may be one of, if not the most underrated guitarists ever. The guy is awesome.
    I saw them last year and he blew me away. It seems he does it so effortlessly.
    Many fans either like Fish or h. I like both though.

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  5. A great band. Saw them live once a few days before Christmas and they put on this wonderful show with fake snow falling on the audience. Still have this album on cassette.

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  6. D-d-d-d-do you realize? This world is totally fugazi!

    Not my favourite of the Fish years…but brilliant just the same! You’re right that it’s only 7 songs but still a full meal.

    I recommend the 2 CD deluxe, just to get the B-side Cinderella Search, one of their best ever songs period.

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