Great Metal Albums of 1985: Fastway- Waiting For the Roar


In the ongoing attempt to sell more records, one strategy many rock and metal bands tried to do in achieving this end, in the mid 1980s, was to incorporate synths in their music. Strangely enough, this was how I learned that Fastway had a new album out in 1985. They were trying to be more radio friendly. The weird thing is I’m not totally sure which track it was of two possible candidates. I think it was the second track, “Kill Me With Your Heart” but it could have been the third track, “Tired of Your Love.” However, after my mandatory three listens, it leads me to think it was the former.

By the end of 1985, I was already aware of this tactic employed by bands. Night Ranger had done it already, so I wasn’t surprised at the heavy keyboard influence when I heard the Fastway track on the radio. Fortunately, I was enough aware that once I heard the song on the radio, I wasn’t quick to say that Fastway sold out and was open minded enough to give the “Waiting for the Roar” album a go. This turned out to be a decision I would not regret.

While the opening riffs of “The World Waits for You” give evidence that Fastway haven’t totally forgotten their hard rocking roots, this opening track does go more synth as it progresses and at seven minutes, I think it’s too long to be an opening track. “Rock On” down at track seven would have made a far better opener because the song does what the title suggests.

It is after the first three more synthed out tracks that “Waiting for the Roar” really kicks into gear. “Change” leads this charge with it’s heavy blues based, Pink Floyd influenced vibe. While it sounds like it might be a ballad, there is some intricate guitar work on the song and the keyboards take a back seat. It’s also the first track where Fast Eddie Clarke is let off the leash to do what he does best with his guitar.

Things only get harder from there with the cover of the Janis Joplin classic, “Move Over.” I think Janis would have been proud of how the band covers this song. With the next few songs going down the same hard rock road, it could be conceivable as to why “Rock On” is where it is. If I put it as the opener, it wouldn’t have been a straight swap with the one that is the opener. It does keep the chain of heavy rock songs going. Eddie’s best solo in found on the “Girl” and by the time “Back Door Man” closes the album, you almost forget the synths in the first three tracks.

Track Listing:

  1. The World Waits for You
  2. Kill Me With Your Heart
  3. Tired of Your Love
  4. Change
  5. Move Over
  6. Little By Little
  7. Rock On
  8. Waiting For the Roar
  9. Girl
  10. Back Door Man

Bonus CD Track:

Doin’ Just Fine



This is the only photo I could find of this band. That’s why two members are missing in this picture

Dave King- lead vocals

Fast Eddie Clarke- lead guitar

Shane Carroll- rhythm guitar

Paul Reid- bass

Alan Connor- drums

Additional Instruments:

Terry Manning- synthesizers, backing vocals

In 1985, metalheads quickly learned not to judge the bands they knew on what they heard on the radio. Those songs were meant to be radio friendly. Instead, listen to the album and you’ll hear that the band hasn’t abandoned what you liked about them. This was certainly the case with Fastway and “Waiting for the Roar.”

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4 Responses to “Great Metal Albums of 1985: Fastway- Waiting For the Roar”

  1. Yes a lot of bands started using synth in the mid 80s for better or worse… I don’t have any Fastway. Sounds like this isn’t bad! I can deal with the first 3 tracks.

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  2. Fast Eddie doesn’t look right, all cleaned up like that,

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