A Couple of Songs to Tie You Over

I’m afraid I’m going to have to delay my next post due to a family emergency. My youngest stepson, Teal, who goes to festivals with me, his father is suffering from pancreatic cancer and will probably go to join Jim Steinman by the time I post again. Therefore, Teal, Mrs 80smetalman and I are making the 200 mile journey so Teal can see his father before the end.

Before I leave, I thought I’d share two songs which I have been listening to lately. The other day, I was listening to a local artist named Sally Ironmonger. On her 2014 album, “The Company I Keep,” there is a track called “Desert Island Discs” and when Mike said that his Friday night Facebook spot was going to be about Desert Island Discs, this song immediately came to mind. So I thought I’d share it with you all.

I have been thinking about the second one for quite awhile. Since a lot of you who follow me are big KISS fans, I always think of one song whenever they are mentioned. The very first band I ever saw at Bloodstock way back in 2010 was the Black Spiders. I was very impressed with them but the song which has always stood out was “KISS Tried to Kill Me.” Not only is this a great metal tune, the lyrics are very amusing. So listen and enjoy.

Group photo: Joe, Gemma, Teal and me, Bloodstock, 2016

I hope you enjoyed the songs and will join with me in sending condolences to Teal in this very difficult time.

12 Responses to “A Couple of Songs to Tie You Over”

  1. Sorry to hear of the trouble for your family Mate. Stay strong. Thinking of you and yours

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  2. Condolences for your stepson. Rough.

    Because music makes tough times easier, I gotta say you couldn’t wish for much better than a video homage to The Warriors for a song that references KISS.

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  3. My condolences sir and Teal’s loss. It is never easy. That Black Spider song was great. Thanks for sharing that one.

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  4. Of course we send all condolences from here in Canada, stay strong. But what are you doing posting songs, you oughta be in motion!

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