Great Rock Albums of 1980: The Ramones- End of the Century


Throughout the 70’s there were a number of “family groups” who made the airwaves. We had the likes of The Jackson Five, The Osmonds and the De Franco family all of whom graced the pop charts in that decade. However, none of those mentioned, in my humble opinion, ever came close to matching The Ramones. Except for the Sex Pistols, The Ramones were the first punk band (at least that’s what they were labelled as back then) that I listened to. I have always dug their one, two, three go playing style with songs that totally stomp you into the ground in less than three minutes and it was their 1980 album, “End of the Century” that did it.

When I listened to the album again, I had the same reaction that I had when I first listened to it thirty plus years ago. I thought the first three tracks were all right but nothing to get terribly excited over and then “Chinese Rock” just came out and totally kicked my ass. Just like old times, I found myself wanting to slam dance around the living room. The rest of the album just kind of followed suit after that. “Let’s Go” and “I Can’t Make It On Time” were also stand outs as well but this album just happens to feature my all time favourite Ramones tune, “Rock And Roll High School.” I still love how they add the 50’s style harmonizing with the hard fast sound they’re known for. A great song because for the past three decades I continue to sing those lyrics:

“I just want to get some kicks

 “I just want to get some chicks.”

Track Listing:

1. Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio

2. I’m Affected

3. Danny Says

4. Chinese Rock

5. The Return of Jack and Judy

6. Let’s Go

7. Baby, I Love You

8. I Can’t Make It On Time

9. This Ain’t Havana

10. Rock And Roll High School

11. All the Way

12. High Risk Insurance

The Ramones

The Ramones

Joey Ramone- lead vocals

Johnny Ramone- lead guitar

Dee Dee Ramone- bass, backing vocals

Marky Ramone- drums

It can be argued that The Ramones were the early pioneers of speed metal. After all, not many bands, then or now have albums that contain twelve tracks but have a total length of less than 35 minutes. These guys were ahead of their time and many bands easily cite them as an influence. With an album like “End of the Century,” it’s easy to see why.

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2 Responses to “Great Rock Albums of 1980: The Ramones- End of the Century”

  1. A musical mentor of mine once told me the first four Ramones albums were all I needed and I believed him. Methinks based on your post that I maybe better cast aside that advice and find out for myself. End of the Century, here I come!


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