Top 15 Live Albums According to 80sMetalman

One big discovery from the tour of 1985 was there were some great live albums in that year. So, since three of them make it onto my top fifteen list, actually all three make the top ten, I thought it would be nice to share my all time favourite fifteen live albums.


15. Bob Dylan- Hard Rain

This album will always have a place in my heart because it was the first live album I ever listened to. Besides, Bob going electric on the album was a big deal back in 1976.


14. Iron Maiden- A Real Live One


13. Black Sabbath- Live Evil


12. Ted Nugent- Intensities in 10 Cities


11. Black Sabbath- Reunion


10. Cheap Trick- At Budokan


9. Blue Oyster Cult- Extra Terrestrial Live

Why I regret never seeing them live.


8. The Scorpions- World Wide Live


7. Molly Hatchet- Double Trouble Live

Another band I regret not seeing live.


6. Black Sabbath- The End

This is the third Black Sabbath album to make the list. For me, their last ever concert beats out the reunion and the one with Ronnie James Dio.


5. Dio- At Donnington UK, 1983 &1987

I was at both of these shows so I can attest to this one.


4. Ted Nugent- Double Live Gonzo

Well this one has the fantastic live version of “The Great White Buffalo.”


3. Blackfoot- Live, Highway Song


2. Lynyrd Skynyrd- One More From the Road


  1. Iron Maiden- Live After Death

So there you have it, my top fifteen favourite live albums. I’d be happy to hear all of yours.

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23 Responses to “Top 15 Live Albums According to 80sMetalman”

  1. I agree with #1 but I solidly disagree with some others that actually would make my “worst” live album list! To spare us the pain I shall leave them unnamed! I will say I got #4 for free, and I’m sure glad I did. It’s awesome!

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  2. My god every metal head in school carried around the live after death record!

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  3. I love lists. Good job fella.
    Always liked that Nuge Intensities album as that tour was the first time I had seen Ted Live. Wild to see A Real Live One in there which is cool and I’m sure you got your reasons and fair enough your list your rules!
    In saying that you cannot go wrong with Live After Death which is my all time number 2 Live album behind Aerosmiths Live Bootleg!

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    • Thank you. If I had extended it to a top 20, then the Aerosmith one would have been included. It’s just that I have a certain affinity for that live Dylan album. I’ve always liked the “Real Live One” although it comes nowhere close to “Live After Death.”

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  4. No KISS “Alive!” or “Alive II”??

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    • Confession, I didn’t really start getting into KISS more until the mid 80s because I was all caught up in that Knights In Satan’s Service crap. Believe me, it was mind rattling enough making the list and painful lamentations over some of the ones I left out.

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  5. What no ‘If You Want Blood …’? For shame! I’d also squeeze in ‘No Sleep ’til Hammersmith’ in the top spot.

    Great list though.

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  6. Harley Unhinged Says:

    All amazing choices

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  7. Can you believe I’m only familiar with two of these? (Cheap Trick at Budokan and Live After Death). I’d probably find it quite difficult to put together a best live album list… though you’ve got me thinking I should join the list making club!

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  8. I would have the Scorpions and Cheap Trick ones on my list. I have a Bowie one called “Cracked Actor” that I love and of course Kiss Alive! (sort of live)

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  9. Really good list. I had five of the ones you mentioned and still own three. Black Sabbath The End is just awesome! I remember my mate having Rainbow On Stage and Judas Priest – Priest in the East which were both good. He also had Ozzy’s Talk of the Devil which I didn’t dig so much, esp compared to Sab’s Live Evil.
    I used to have the earlier Scorpions live album with Uli Jon Roth on it – that was a good album which I listened to a lot. Seemed back then we were spoilt for choice for live albums!

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    • “Speak of the Devil” is probably my least favourite live album. It sounds as if it was recorded in a pub on a cheap cassette player but we were spoiled for live albums. Those Priest and Rainbow albums are also good.

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