Some I Missed Out

Because I didn’t start the one hit wonders segment until I was well into 1978, I realized that there were more songs from my youth which I had lingered in the “Saved” file of my mind only to come to the front when I made the previous post. So, I now present three more songs pre-1978, which were from artists who were either one hit wonders or I just never got around to exploring them more. I promise, this will be the last of pre-78.

Carl Douglas

Some say that I should look back on this and cringe at the fact that in 1975, “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas was my favourite song at the time. Well, I wasn’t the only one who sited it as their favourite. Most of my junior high school and beyond said the same thing, even if they won’t admit it now. I wonder that in today’s “woke” climate, if the lyrics of the song would now be considered racist.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

Winter of 1977, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s big single “Blinded By the Light” was my favourite song at the time despite having stiff competition from Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” As a very impressionable fifteen year old, I thought the guitars and keyboards on this song were just out of this world. Manfred Mann were in no way one hit wonders but I never really delved into them beyond their hits. “Mighty Quinn” is a brilliant song too.

I don’t know if I can call “Lonely Boy” from one hit wonder, Andrew Gold, (he was definitely one in the US), my favorite song in the summer of 1977, but it was definitely a prominent song at the time. Like with “Shannon” the year before, when the camp I worked at that summer went roller skating, this song got played each night. Not during the couples skate of course.

Those were three more songs from my youth and they all still linger in my memory.

Next post: Definitely will be One Hit Wonders From 1979-80.

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16 Responses to “Some I Missed Out”

  1. Good question. I don’t remeber the lyrics referencing any ethnicity or characteristics of any peoples, just the fighting style itself, but its been years since I heard it in full.

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    • There was the line, “They were funky China men from a funky China town.” I see nothing wrong but the woke generation would. Also in the second verse, there are some Chinese sounding names.


  2. All good ones! I love Kung Fu Fighting too! 🙂

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  3. Kung Fu Fighting was a favourite when I was wee. My old man had a bunch of compilation cassettes – hits from the 60s and 70s – and that was on there. I listened to that loads. Even put it on a few of my own mixtapes as I got older. Quality tune and I can’t really think of anything offensive in it… a good old story song (I dare say someone somewhere would be unhappy with it, though).

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  4. I heard “Kung Fu Fighting” on ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and NigaHiga youtube videos, and I discovered a little over a year ago that the song came out in the 70s haha!

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  5. Amazing how songs stick in your head. I got a Falco LP the other day because of Rock Me Amadeus being imprinted on my brain at an impressionable age lol.

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  6. Andrew Gold was no longer a one-hit-wonder when the pilot of the Golden Girls first aired.

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