Is There Something I Can Do?

I did something stupid yesterday. I had CD1 of the above three CD compilation album in my car, listening to it on my way to and from work. When I got home, I put it into my back pocket to put away but guess what? Yes, sh*t for brains here forgot to take the CD out of his pocket. I only noticed it last night when I took Mrs. 80smetalman out for dinner and went to pay. When I reached for the wallet, I also found the CD and when I took it out, it was broken beyond hope. Yep, I acknowledge it was stupid.

Here’s my question: Is there any way I could just get CD1? I don’t want to buy it again when the CD’s two and three are working fine. Besides, the album was a birthday present from my daughter five years ago, therefore, it has sentimental value. If not, some great songs like Dokken’s “Alone Again,” the famous “Beth” by KISS, “Silent Lucidity” from Queensryche will be lost. Plus, there are songs from Damn Yankees, Free and a rather predictable one from Foreigner.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


20 Responses to “Is There Something I Can Do?”

  1. Ooops! I haven’t done that but I have broken one trying to take it out of the jewel case as it got stuck and I pulled too hard. I don’t know if you can only get one disc, but good luck.

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  2. I’d say just find the set cheap online or in a shoppe and just replace it.

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  3. I think the odds of lining out a replacement from the maker are very, very slim. Sadly, buying another one might be the only realistic way to go.

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  4. Buy just the one cd on iTunes thwn burn it to a disc and put the burned disc in the real box?

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  5. I’m sorry to hear about CD 1, Mike! I wish you luck in finding a replacement!

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