Great Rock Albums of 1978: Heart- Magazine

Originally, this ablum by Heart was released in 1977, however, the band wasn’t too pleased with the way it sounded so after a court battle, the album was pulled, remixed and re released in 1978 and it is this version that is going to be visited here. The main reason is that the remastered version of “Magazine” sounds like the classic hard rock that Heart were known and loved for in the late 70’s.

I have mentioned my AM radio that gave up the ghost, but I did have an antiquated looking AM/FM radio as well. I didn’t play it much because the local AM station played better stuff than the local FM station at the time. The FM station played lots of disco tunes. However, when I held that radio in the right position on my knee, I was able to pick up the Philadelphia stations and they were no way disco. It was through this self imposed agony, (my knee would stiffen after an hour of listening to the radio this way) that I first heard the classic rocking Heart jam, “Heartless.”

Like I said in my posting for the “Dreamboat Annie” album all those months ago, Ann and Nancy Wilson were the first true rock chicks in the modern sense. They knew how to rock and with the rest of the band behind them, they put out some classic rocking stuff like this album. Each song has the trademark vocals of Ann Wilson (Cheryl Cole isn’t worthy to lick her boot soles)with the unique guitar sound that is them. This included the more lighter songs like the title track and the more trippy sounding “Devil Delight.”

Track Listing:

1. Heartless

2. Devil Delight

3. Just the Wine

4. Without You

5. Magazine

6. Here Song

7. Mother Earth Blues

8. I Got the Music In Me

Ann Wilson- vocals, flute, keyboards, violin

Nancy Wilson- guitar, piano, vocals

Michael De Rosier- drums

Roger Fisher- guitar, steel guitar

Steve Fossen- bass

Howard Leese- guitar, keyboards, synthesiser, vocals

“Magazine” would be the first of two albums which Heart would release in 1978, the other one will be visited in my next post. It’s no wonder with great rock songs from the likes of Heart and others, my antique radios gave up the ghost.

Next post: Heart- Dog and Butterfly

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