80sMetalman’s Top 30 Power Ballads: 21-30

I’ve said on many a post that I’m a sucker for a good power ballad and there have been many on the hundreds of albums I have posted about so far. Therefore, I thought it would be nice, before I take the tour into 1985, that I share my top 30 power ballads, ten at a time. Originally, there was only going to be 20 but there are so many good ones out there that I had to extend it by another ten.

Google defines a power ballad by being an emotional rock song, generally focused on love with strong vocals. That is only half of my definition of the term. For me, a power ballad consists of either good power chords on the electric guitar or a blistering guitar solo, preferably both. That is why I get annoyed at supposed power ballad compilation albums. Sorry, as much as I love, “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner, it doesn’t match my definition.

The problem many people have with them is the fact that they cross over into forbidden territories. Many metalheads consider them too soft for metal, while more trendy music listeners are put off by the power chords. I can’t see why we can’t have both, especially when they’re done well. Besides, while they won’t admit, many male metalheads keep power ballads on hand when they want to show their ladies their more ‘intimate’ side.

Okay, I’ll stop rambling now and give you 80smetalman’s top power ballads, 21-30.

30. Hanoi Rocks- Million Miles Away

29. Gotthard- Still I Belong to You

28. Jefferson Starship- Fading Lady Light

Note: This was the first power ballad fitting my definition that I ever heard

27. LA Guns- Ballad of Jane

26. Motley Crue- Home Sweet Home

25. Nazereth- Love Hurts

This was the second power ballad I heard. I didn’t hear it until 1981, otherwise it would have been the first.

24. The Scorpions- Winds of Change

23. Anthrax- Nice F*ckin’ Ballad

I know Anthrax were taking to piss here but it still a cool power ballad.

22. Crystal Ball- Silence of the Night

21. Guns N Roses- November Rain

There you have it! The first ten power ballads on the list. Have a listen, sit back, mellow out and enjoy the guitar solos.

Next post: 11-20

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21 Responses to “80sMetalman’s Top 30 Power Ballads: 21-30”

  1. Glad to see some Gotthard getting the love!!

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  2. I’d love to comment straight away but… it’s gonna take a little time. I need time to think things over.

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  3. Cool idea and nice to see Hanoi here…
    I could never do a Top 30 Ballad list so full out kudos to ya…

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    • Thanks but it was tough. I just realized that I had forgotten another cool power ballad that I really liked back in the day, so I’m going to sneak it in jointly with another in the 11-20 or the 1-10 group. I’m not sure where it will place yet, have to listen to it a couple of times.

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  4. […] Source: 80sMetalman’s Top 30 Power Ballads: 21-30 | 80smetalman’s Blog […]


  5. I would have expected to see November Rain higher up. Just for Slash’s solo… but I guess there are other GN’R ballads, huh? I’ll be looking forward to seeing if there are…

    However, Wind of Change!! Yas!! My first Scorpions… I used to listen to that constantly. Taped off the radio back in the day… Pepsi Chart Show, I believe. That and Richard Marx’s Hazard were huge favourites. Anyhoo, that would easily make my top 5… so, so, so good.

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  6. Lots here for me to explore that I don’t know!

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  7. Excellent list. Some I knew others not. So cool you included Nazareth **Uses metal Jedi mind trick in hope Y&T’s ‘I Believe in You’ makes it somewhere along the line – guitar solos galore and massive power wig-out at end***

    Winds of Change and November Rain never ever get dull do they? I like the criteria of power chords and/or guitar solo. Interesting that the Hanoi tune has both a guitar and saxophone solo. Ever done a list of sax solos in rock yet? Might be cool. Look forward to the next selection, was fun listening to these and going back in time a bit. Thanks!

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    • Oh God! Another one I forgotten about. I haven’t heard it in ages but to be fair, I’ll have a listen to it and see if it breaks the top 20 in my mind and if so, I’ll slot it in. The sax solo list is a great idea, however, with me many of the greatest ones in rock were performed my one saxophonist, Clarence Clemmons of Bruce Sprinsteen’s E- Street Band.

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  8. Nice start. Loving Wind of Change and November Rain. Soooo many more that could be on this list.

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  9. Ballad of Jayne, Home Sweet Home and Power Ballads Week are all future posts on SteveForTheDeaf too. That LA Guns track is a legit classic


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