Take a Trip Through Heavy Metal History

I have come to the conclusion that over the past few months I have been writing this blog, that I have been nothing more than a glorified newspaper columnist. While I will continue to comment on things relating to heavy metal,  I have nearly forgotten that the main point of the blog is to promote my book Rock And Roll Children and have finally figured out a way on how to do this properly.

There are many great heavy metal blogs on the net, including some right here on WordPress. They cover metal both old and new alerting readers to great heavy metal releases and news as well as the occasional trip back in history. My blog will now take you through the history of heavy metal in the 1980s, thus keeping in line with the name of the blog. I will mention great albums of the decade and the artists who made them. I will also revisit many of the events from the 80s which helped to shape the music and I will do all I can to post twice a week.

Let us start by paying tribute to a great concert venue from the era. The Spectrum in Philadelphia was the sight of many a great event from when it was built in 1967 to it’s demolition in 2009.  During its 42 years, it hosted many great happenings in sports and music. It was the place where the Philadelphia Flyers lifted their first Stanley Cup in 1974 and where the 76ers won at least one of teir NBA Crowns. However, for me, it was the scene of some fantasitc metal concerts from 1983 -86. I rocked and partied to great shows by Twisted Sister, Dio, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and many more to name a few. There were many other great shows both before and after as well.

I am sure many an old metalhead like myself shed a silent tear when this great monument to heavy metal was demolished. I look back in time and still immagine metalheads all partying under the Rocky statue swapping stories, having pre concert parties and even being accosted by Jesus freaks. So when you travel down metal memory lane with me, take a second to pay homage to the venue that gave thousands some great metal memories.

4 Responses to “Take a Trip Through Heavy Metal History”

  1. I like your approach very much. We cover a couple of 80s giants (Priest and Dokken) here:


  2. metalodyssey Says:

    I lived in Connecticut during the 80’s so it was the Hartford Civic Center and New Haven Coliseum for me. When I heard about the New Haven Coliseum being torn down, I breathed a sigh of relief! That place wasn’t fit for sewar rats and it had to be the creepiest venue I ever have been in. Then again, the “creepiness” made for some ambience when I saw DIO, Megadeth and Savatage there.

    I never made it down to that Spectrum in Philly… I have read and heard good things about that place through the years. I’ll always remember the game announcer that did the 76ers games cry out: “Juuulius Eeervving!” Dr. J. and Moses Malone… Dawkins, Maurice Cheeks… great teams. \m/


    • They were great teams but I have always been more of a hockey fan. I used to go to Conneticut as a teenager, my dad was stationed at Groton just before he retired from the navy. Never been to a concert there though. I have been to two clubs in New York, The Ritz and L’Amour in Brooklyn for metal shows. That’s where I was first introduced to stage diving.


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